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Jacques DER OHANIAN, Head of Communications Solutions for Vertical Markets, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

A conversation with Jacques DER OHANIAN, Head of Communications Solutions for Vertical Markets at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Jacques, as Head of Communications solutions for Vertical markets, is responsible for the creation of solutions to address industries such as Healthcare.
Across his career, Jacques has managed different teams from R&D and innovation, Program and Portfolio management to business development with a strong knowledge of end-to-end solutions whether technical such as communications and collaboration, or commercial such as new business models.
Jacques is a graduate of Telecom ParisTech, France.

BRW: What did the audience gain from attending your webinar?

Too often we are overwhelmed by our day to day job, and we don’t have or don’t take the opportunity to sit back and think of what’s going well and what do we need to enhance. This time is key to identify risks and opportunities.

In this particular field of people and asset safety it is key to identify the risks, evaluate them, prioritize them and enter into a PDCA methodology (plan-do-check-act). Attending this webinar provides you some hints on how to identify these risks and what are the possible solutions. However, the attendees will need to take that time to sit back and do they own evaluation and prioritization. The positive point, is that we provide common solutions under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand.

BRW: What did you enjoy discussing with the audience?

Three words : Reassure the audience.

First of all, I enjoy reassuring the attendees: today’s investments are future proof. You can start by setting in place on premises solutions and evolve to the cloud for hybrid-notifications, complementing existing solutions by cloud services through the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow platform.

Secondly, sharing the knowledge that our platforms are open to regular new services, accompanying them in their prioritization and innovation processes. I enjoy sharing our solutions with them, which will also manage that quick expansion of IoTs within hospitals.

And finally, I’m happy to be discussing the question of data privacy and to have the opportunity to explain to them the data is theirs, not ours, that we are GDPR compliant and they will be able to use them to evolve from preventive to proactive models thank’s to available analytics and Artificial intelligence.

BRW: What would you say is the biggest challenge currently being faced within your industry?

They are two aspects regarding People and Asset safety in hospitals.
One from the outside world, with more and more distressed people that increase the risk of violent or malicious acts. The second is the inner hospital world with the staff and cost issues, the lack of time that increase the risk of dissatisfaction amongst both staff, care givers and patients.

BRW: What was your favourite part about presenting to a live audience?

Actually there are two parts. We always talk about collaborations tools but the most important is the collaboration between human beings/ groups of people in order to share knowledge and experience. The first part, was the experience and knowledge sharing with Neharika, the lead analyst from GlobalData and secondly, the ongoing interactions with the attendees.

BRW: If you could give one piece of advice to another presenter, what would it be?

Take and save time for interactions. Interactions during the presentation with the Business Review Webinars’ team and a co-presenter – an analyst, a customer or a partner – to provide a different point of view to attendees. Take time with the attendees during and after the webinars to learn from them, from their day-to-day challenges in order to provide them with the best solutions.

What has been the highlight of your career?

You wouldn’t be surprised if I answer that the most important in my career was the relationships and the interactions with others.

We learn from others and others hopefully learn from you. I spent a lot of time in project and program management, where many of the problems come from miscommunication or misunderstanding between the different teams, or with a partner or a customer. As I have just answered before, in my current job, the key is first to listen to the customers’ different perspectives, pain points and challenges to provide the best solutions. Sharing experience, brainstorming, co-working, co-innovating with so many different people, this is what makes my career so fulfilling.

In People and Asset safety good coordination, collaboration and a good understanding are key and crucial. Once a problem is solved we can review what happened, analyse situations and reactions to enhance the organization’s processes and share to learn from.

The webinar entitled ‘How To Protect People And Assets In Hospitals And Accelerate Their Digital Transformation’ presented by Jacques DER OHANIAN is now available to watch on-demand.

Click Here to watch the webinar.