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How to foster a lasting relationship with investors in a world where engagement is moving more online?

A Capgemini study[1] shows that while investors are embracing the benefits of online tools, wealth management firms seem to underestimate clients’ appetite for robo-advice.

Almost 50% of global HNWI would consider having a portion of their wealth managed by an automated advisory service, while only 20% of wealth managers thought their clients would do so.

This “perception gap” is due to the fact that investors are 99% of their time normal consumers and the trends shaping the consumer market are also quickly permeating the wealth and investment management space.

Just like the boundaries between market segments – mass affluent, affluent and HNW – the boundaries between the different market offerings are also blurring more and more. Digitisation is enabling a much more multi-faceted set of offerings.

Digitalisation enables wealth management firms to “mass customise” their business i.e. “to provide a service for an audience of one”. Offering a very tailored, personalised service in a factory-style operational-excellent fashion, that is what we ultimately mean with mass-customisation.

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Essentially, it entails the creation of a “sticky” digital environment for the client and the advisor to actively & pro-actively interact, aiming at reaching a personalised experience.

A hybrid reality – where investors can switch seamlessly and within the same process between face-to-face and online interaction depending on their immediate needs – is the future “sweet spot”.

According to the 2016 report by Objectway and Efma, Digital Engagement & Collaboration in Wealth and Investment Management, future interactions between financial institutions and their clients will mostly be hybrid (fig. 1).

1 Capgemini, World Wealth Report, 2015

Fig. 1 – What Type of Online Investment and Wealth Management Tools Are You Offering to Your Clients?













Investors are at the centre of the new digital workplace. A set of technologies and solutions enable them to interact with services, contents, advisors, investment experts, helpdesk employees or other fellow investors. Such connected clients need access to their advisors on their own terms, at a time and through channels with which they are most comfortable, using safe online investment tools. Many firms are thinking about how to position themselves in terms of online investment management services, but not many are yet providing tools and services for this purpose.

The chart underlines the belief that in the next two years, an evolution from online investment tools to online investment servicing will take place, with a strong surge in robo and hybrid advisory as online investment solutions.

This shift towards online investment won’t displace completely the traditional ways: it is not an “either/or” reality, but rather an ”and/and” reality.

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Although wealth management firms will increasingly include online tools as part of their offering, the traditional face-to-face interaction will still exist and will be complimented by online solutions in different flavours.

Furthermore, this digital transformation path should also be undertaken through incremental steps and improvements, thus avoiding taking too high operational and business risks.

While digitisation tends to be applied firstly to the front office area, there are also many benefits from applying it to both the middle office and back office.

Traditional financial institutions have tended to organise their areas into siloes, letting engines and legacy systems dictate the processes and means of interaction with end clients.

Here is where problems occur, since interaction with investors is driven by completely different factors than what drives firm’s back-end systems. The ultimate solution is to unify the customer experience across all access points, unbundling it from the mid/back-office processes. One is about collaboration, engagement and fulfilment, the other about regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

If established wealth and investment institutions are not adapting to these digitisation trends that is involving the whole industry, they will be missing an opportunity to widen their market and client reach.

As a result of digitisation, in fact, self-servicing models are increasingly entering the wealth management space, allowing firms to actively engage investors while also pushing a certain administrative burden from within the organisation onto the shoulders of the end client. Higher self-service adoption levels are expected while digitisation further develops in this market.

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David Murphy, Worldwide Director of Marketing, HP

David’s worldwide marketing team at HP helps deliver the highest value portfolio of inkjet web press technology in the market. HP Inkjet Web Press technology drives digital transformation in mainstream printing with high-volume applications ranging from publishing to production mail to general marketing collateral.

At HP, David drives the production inkjet division’s worldwide marketing strategy, future product marketing, current business management, and long term business planning. He works intimately with HP’s customers to help transform their business models, accelerate their growth, and maximize value to their clients.

1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with us?

It is important that marketing professionals understand the latest technology available to enable higher ROI and more effective communications. Inkjet is a rapidly evolving technology that is changing the face of printed communications. Business Review Webinars is an ideal medium to reach key decision makers and those interested in furthering their education. 

2. How did you get into the industry?

I first became involved in graphic arts communications in my undergrad university days. I quickly developed a passion for helping people communicate to their audiences more effectively and efficiently. Over time, the technologies have evolved and today the communications landscape is transforming faster than ever. With markets and media choices changing so fast, I think today is the most exciting time to be a marketing professional. 

3. What has been the best moment in your career?

I am currently experiencing the best time of my career. I am actively and continuously engaging with thought leaders in both technology and in communications. With that engagement, I am learning more than ever while at the same time I am able to share new innovations in print technology with the market. The future of digital print is brighter than ever. 

4. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

My most favorite place in the world is when I am sitting next to customers and marketing professionals talking about new ideas and case study successes. On March 25, that place will be this webinar. 

5. What’s the most useful thing someone has ever taught you?

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” I think of this quote frequently when I work with people who believe in what they are doing and know that they are making a difference. Our customers do this and HP technologists do this every day when we create new ways of communicating. Inkjet innovation is an example of how HP is leading the way enthusiastically toward the future. 

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Mr. Nigel Tracey, Highcon International Sales Director

Nigel Tracy

Nigel Tracey has 25 years’ experience in printing and packaging and particularly in the folding carton and corrugated board industries. Nigel has held various senior sales and marketing positions, most recently as Head of Sales for the sheet-fed business unit at Bobst Group, where he was responsible for the global sales network and sales operations. Nigel is based in Switzerland.

1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with us?

An important step in converting an industrial process is to enable the upstream buying process and enlighten it to what digital is now bringing.

2. How did you get into the industry?

Some how I got hooked when my father used to take me to printing and packaging shops as a young teenager, the creativity mixed with industrial process was something that appealed.

3. In your 20/25 years’ experience, what was the best moment in your career?

Seeing a piece of packaging in the high street that had majorly changed the way we consumers interface with and product and knowing that I had been involved with it’s design, conception and realisation.

4. How do you relax in your leisure time?

I’m an avid aquaculturist and I enjoy growing and propagating diverse marine life, salt water and electricity are a great distraction to most things.

5. What’s your favourite flavour of ice-cream?

Mövenpick double cream and meringue, the calorie free version…

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