Why is it important to think before you decide to buy?

JacobsWe organised this Webinar to reach out to our clients and certainly also to the companies that are not our clients but also are faced with difficulties when it comes to develop gas and oil fields. It is my intention in the webinar to make sure that the companies that deal with developing gas fields and refineries understand that there is no such thing anymore as a standard approach. The webinar is intended for operating companies to create the awareness, but also for the contractors that it really pays of to have a knowledgeable company look at the various line-ups to flush out the pros and cons of each of the line-ups.

I have seen it already too many times that due to hasty decisions without having a proper overview costs owners and contractors a lot of additional money to correct a design in a later stage. It is my intention with the webinar to engage in lively interaction with the owners and contractors to also get their experience and hopefully buy in to the concept of investing some time and money in the feasibility stage to flush out any issues and make sure the most cost effective line-up able to meet all product and environmental specifications in the end.

Usually we as technology provider get contacted in a very late stage with only one question to prepare a proposal for an already selected technology. Then there’s no time anymore to explore alternatives and get engaged to see where cost can be saved and smart engineering solutions could potentially save millions of dollars. Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions hopes that with the examples we will show in the seminar we convince the operating companies and contractors that it pays of to review the different possibilities and see that there are more routes that lead to Rome which might not have been considered, but that will prove more cost effective in the end.

Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions is one of the leading gas treating and Sulfur technology providers in the industry. We are market leader and come in contact with many different aspects of the issues that Gas producers and refineries face these days.

To register for JACOBS’ upcoming webinar ‘How to handle gas streams with respect to Sulphur removal’ on the 15th April click here.

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