Spotlight Interview – Frank Scheel, JACOBS

Frank Scheel

Comprimo Sulfur Solutions specialist

Frank holds a degree in Chemical engineering and environmental engineering. After his studies, he Joined Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions (CSS) in 1995 and worked as an engineer in the CSS department. There he worked on numerous technology packages and detailed design jobs in the area of gas treating and sulfur technology. After about 8 years working as an engineer, Frank became the department manager for CSS in Leiden, the Netherlands. Four years ago he took the positions as Business Development manager for the CSS technologies.

1. What are you hoping to achieve from the webinar?

We hope to reach the people who deal with gas treating and Sulfur recovery to convince them that it pays out to invest in thorough studies by the right companies to make sure that the issues are properly handled. It is worthwhile to study all options before going into the actual design phase to see the issues from all angles and to make sure that all options have been considered and the best solution with the best value for money can be selected. We often see companies that only look at one unit and they do not integrate the units. In this way often not the overall optimum solution is selected leading to units that do not operate ideal under all circumstances or to very high overall investment costs.

2. What is your favourite thing about presenting to a live audience?

The interaction with people and being able to listen and learn from the discussions

3. Who or what was your inspiration for getting you into this industry?

Basically I liked chemistry in high school, so I choose that study in university. After that my first job was with Comprimo and I never left. So maybe the person that had the most influence on me in getting into this business line is the Chemistry teacher in high school with whom we conducted lots and lots of great experiments.

4. What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I like coaching the sports teams of my kids. I coached my sons football team for six year and the past two years I am coaching my daughters field hockey team. It is fun to see these kids enjoying to play sports together.

5. And finally…

Porsche or BMW? Impossible for me to choose because there’s only one car that really appeals to me and that is the Volkswagen Beetle.

Laptop or Tablet? Tablet

Red or white wine? Difficult choice, but if I have to choose it will be red.

Football or tennis? Football

To register for JACOBS’ upcoming webinar ‘How to handle gas streams with respect to Sulphur removal’ on the 15th April click here.

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