When is a good time to outsource the drug development of your promising therapeutic?

CatalentAs companies dive deeper into the chemical well for new, patentable, and effective therapies, the most promising candidates are less soluble, less bioavailable, and more difficult to formulate to an effective therapeutic level. As a result, many commercially potential treatments are being left at the wayside in Preclinical and early clinical development due to the high costs and risks associated with bringing these to market.

Have you already experienced this in your own company?

The expertise within a company like Catalent can provide the technology, knowledge, and commercial scale to quickly provide formulation options that optimize the therapeutic profile of one of these products that otherwise would not progress down a development pathway. For example, Catalent continues to significantly invest in R&D and created recently, the non-gelatin OptiShell™ capsule that can provide modified release profiles and semi-solid fills, expanding the range of molecules capable of being encapsulated with Softgel technology. The innovations continue with the new OptiGel Bio™ technology has enabled the oral delivery of macromolecules while the OptiGel Lock™ technology provides multi-level resistance for products requiring abuse deterrence. These new technologies combined with the legacy of 80 years of development expertise allow Catalent to provide solutions to the most difficult formulation challenges.

Want to know more about the new drug delivery technologies?

Catalent’s upcoming webinar entitled “Optimizing Drug Delivery Technologies” will provide in depth reviews of these new technologies as well as a providing insight to the advantages of a Softgel development program compared to other dosage forms. Three Catalent experts will provide insight and challenges associated with development as well as are available for questions following the presentation. Sign up today to learn how a Catalent can provide the expertise to result in a better treatment and faster to market for your most challenges therapies.

In summary, while it is always a good time to outsource a drug development challenge, it is critical to outsource to the correct partner who can rapidly provide multiple, effective solutions, and can collaborate through the entire drug development cycle.

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