Do you know how to get 5 – 10 % extra power without extra fuel?

TriogenMany gas and diesel engines as well as other in industrial applications emit exhaust gas with 350⁰ C or more into the environment. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology allows to convert this energy into electrical power with payback times as short as three years. Typical applications are biogas/anaerobic digestion, landfill gas and flares, diesel engines, mine gas, biomass burners etc.

Triogen’s ORC is a closed system with a high speed vapor turbine coupled to an electric generator; while the engineering principles are similar to large conventional steam turbines in power generation, Triogen uses an organic working fluid that allows to operate small units of 80 to 160 kW. This fits ideally to gas and diesel engines of 1.5 MW and larger. As it is an “end of pipe” solution: there is no interference with the upstream process. The standard frame size allows to offer modular, cost efficient solutions that can be combined to achieve greater power output.

As no additional energy is required, an ORC provides electricity without any fuel costs, without CO2 or other emissions.

Founded in 2001, Triogen has successfully incorporated world class technology into a reliable and standardized product with thirty installations across Europe, over 250,000 documented running hours, availability of up to 98% and market leading efficiency. The product is certified by Lloyds according to PED and Machine-directive, and is fully mature and competitive.

Triogen’s ORC can also be operated in combined heat and power applications, allowing to generate electricity and heat from the cooling water.

Triogen works with local distributors and integrators in most countries in Europe and also engages directly with end customers when warranted by size or nature of the project. In addition to growing the European market, further growth opportunities exist in continuous operation diesel engines, industrial and process heat, biogas from biomass and direct combustion of biomass such as wood.

Triogen’s webinar entitled ‘Fuel and Emission free electricity from an advanced Organic Rankine Cycle’ will take place on 29th January at 3pm London/10am New York. Register for the webinar here.

In addition to creating market awareness for ORC technology, Triogen intends to use this webinar to engage with potential customers and distribution partners in Europe and selected regions worldwide.

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