There’s Lots of Reasons to Like Oktober…

Hello everyone!

October is here which means summer is officially over (unfortunately). But, don’t worry it’s not all downhill, autumn is an underrated season in my opinion and there are plenty of things that we can start to look forward to.

I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Majorca, Spain. Majorca is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean it is famous for its beach resorts, sheltered coves and limestone mountains. We explored the island, but particularly I enjoyed relaxing on the beach with a refreshing cocktail; which is a rare treat for me! It was also nice to escape the hustle and bustle of London, but for now its unfortunately back to reality for me.

Despite my holiday blues … let’s talk about October.

Here in London it is currently the Rugby World Cup, and rugby fever is sweeping across the capital! I am supporting England, however, we recently lost to Australia in a tense game at Twickenham. Australia came from behind at Twickenham to beat England 13-33 thanks to a late penalty. England’s chances to win the Cup are now shattered, only time will tell if anyone will steal the title from the current favourites New Zealand.

Ballon de Rugby Drapeaux Pays

Another event to look forward to this month is Germanys famous Oktoberfest. Munich’s Bavarian beer festival has arrived in London and is already well underway held in the wooden halls of the Tobacco Dock. A special thing about Oktoberfest is that it is not entirely about alcohol. There are a number of fun and frolics to be excited about, from dressing up in the traditional Lederhosen to chowing down on a yummy Brätwurst.

Sticker - Oktoberfest 2015

Alongside the rugby, the NFL is coming back to London this month. There are a series of three matches on in the capital for the UK fans of American Football. Being a rugby fan myself, I’m not sure how to feel about the American Football, but I am willing to experience new things! Also, I am a massive fan of the Superbowl! So maybe I will enjoy the NFL in London.

light of american stadium


The “festival of lights” lands on October 22nd, which is formally known as Diwali the ancient Hindu festival. Diwali is a five-day festival, and I have considered attending the celebrations held in Trafalgar Square. The event is FREE and there are opportunities to sample delightful South-East Asian vegetarian cuisine and enjoy the concert of contemporary and traditional Asian music and dance.


Finally we reach the All Hallows Eve on the October 30th, commonly known as Halloween! Although Halloween began in Ireland, many different countries around the world hold different traditions on this date, but it is in North America and Canada that it maintains its highest level of popularity. In my homeland the Czech Republic there are ancient beliefs and traditions of vampire lore. These days of course, nobody believes in them and mainly stick to carving pumpkins.


So thats the big events in October in a nutshell! Thank-you all for taking the time to read my newsletter and I am happy to announce that today is the two year anniversary for this publication.  I am really glad that so many of you have subscribed and have stayed faithful to our readership. We are looking forward to providing you with more exciting webinars and thoughts in the future.

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