October Quiz Questions

Supply Chain Quiz Question

What has become a particular focus of logistics management in the past few years?

a) Supply chain management software

b) Supply chain management deployment

c) Supply chain sustainability

d) All of the above


Energy Quiz Question

What standard homebuilding practice guarantees large heating and cooling losses?

a) Locating heating units in basements

b) Installing double-paned windows

c) Using fiberglass insulation

d) Hiding ductwork in attics and crawlspaces


Life Science Quiz Question

During cellular respiration, cells produce a waste product called:

a) Sugar

b) Oxygen

c) Carbon dioxide

d) Nitrogen


Technology Quiz Question

What type of media might be supported by an optical drive?

a) DVD

b) Analog Tape

c) Flash Disk

d) SD Card


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The answers to last month’s quiz questions are:


b) Japan – Japan Steel Works long was the only foundry that could forge a reactor vessel in one piece, seen as essential to reduce risk of leaks. But China and Russia now have the capacity, and new facilities are under construction.


d) Cost cutting efforts by dominant companies in supply chains

Life Sciences

b) Selman Walksman


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