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Increasing Labeling Efficiency: taking a 360° view

Increasing operational efficiency is an aim for all medical device manufacturers and is a driver for change for many organizations. But the question is how without affecting every day operations?

Many proactive medical device companies are already beginning to take a more strategic approach to the management of data and are implementing single, fully integrated, end-to-end label lifecycle management systems that capture, store and disseminate data safely, quickly and accurately for increased label integrity. The deployment of such validated systems can improve efficiency by reducing the number of unnecessary manual checks, improve quality control throughout the lifecycle and accelerate product to market.

Moreover, the use of centralized data creates a robust platform for a ‘single version of the truth’ that can be used to generate and print labels ‘just in time’ – ensuring that the right information goes on the right product at the right time, every time. The obvious implications of product recalls are significant and costly; efficiency and productivity take a major hit, whilst the potential damage to brand reputation and patient safety are equally severe.

Through the implementation of a more flexible, transparent and accessible system for version control, medical device organizations can save money as well as increase operational efficiency by managing product labels centrally – irrespective of country , language or regulatory requirements. By implanting secure, web based solutions they can also allow and manage correct access levels to third party manufacturing, packaging and labeling operations, again aiding efficiency objectives.

The industry can undoubtedly benefit from implementing standardized mechanisms to control data globally and, as a consequence, mitigate the expensive risk of mislabeling. If companies are able to manage and structure data correctly, then all the downstream benefits will emerge for free; label creation, workflow processes, inspection capabilities and audit control all flow from ensuring the right data is available to the right people at the right time. And, the efficiency gains are a natural and welcome byproduct.

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