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Annemieke Hartman – Jemmett, Group Commercial Strategy Director, Petainer

Annemieke HartmanAnnemieke presents robust understanding of the evolution of the keg and this webinar offers detailed insight allowing the participants to make informed decisions; economic choices are offered to brand owners and experts allowing access new markets and introduce premium products to new audiences. Being able to provide a balanced view of PET kegs in the market will offer the participant an opportunity to better understand the options available to drive for growth in the beer, wine and cider sector. 

Annemieke will present Petainer’s webinar ‘The Evolution of the Keg‘ on the 10th September at 10am New York/3pm London.  You can register now to reserve your place.

1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with us?

With the webinar we are proactively seeking to inform a large group of brand owners who would like to find out more about packaging solutions for beverages.  The keg is a well-known product, these days now also available in PET and we would like to talk through how the choice of packaging material can influence brand owners in positioning their products within their marketing mix

2. What are you looking forward to explaining to the audience?

Petainer is a gamechanging, innovative PET and plastics packaging company, working to offer brand owners significant advantages in their supply chain.  For instance we are keen to share with you the independent test results of beverages packaged in PET (performed by the VLB in Berlin).  The choices that brand owners are making in ensuring that economic decisions are made both covering the commercial and sustainable requirements of contemporary business.  Most importantly what packaging material to select for which requirement.

3. How did you get into the industry?

I was excited by the opportunity to make a difference.  Petainer as a company is focussed on ‘thinking outside the box’.  This means in real terms; how can we support the brand owner’s objectives most effectively? Some options across our business are: light weighting, new designs reducing materials, new barrier technology, moving from single stage production to 2 stage production.  Many of these initiatives directly result in a sustainable solution, reducing freight (carbon emissions) reducing the use of energy and water as well as reducing the use of materials that will be scarce in years to come.  So combining commercial objectives with sustainable goals allows me to make a difference, effectively communicating these is my passion in both text and image.

4. Where in the world would you recommend visiting?

Most recently I have spent a lot of time in India.  The places frequently visited are New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. When in India, it is very exciting to see how focussed the business community is about corporate social responsibility and sustainability.  The drivers in business are all about economics.  This means that the locals are very inventive and nothing goes to waste.  It is a real good example of evolution across the whole community.  In addition, change in this territory is extremely fast, decision making processes are complex yet focussed from a sales perspective, the numbers are much greater than in Europe.  Building relationships in any country is key, in India this seems to come very naturally, they have an amazing sense of humour (which you need from time to time) and fabulous food.

5. What’s the best thing someone has ever taught you?

The best thing I was taught was to deliver on your promise.  This has been at the core of my life.  The way to make sure that I am able to do so is to start by really understanding the other person’s requirement and needs.  Only when I am comfortable that I have in-depth understanding and the ability to deliver will I commit.  So this helps me in only promising that which I can deliver.

Remember to register for Annemieke’s upcoming webinar where you can ask her and co-presenter, Axel Hartwig, Independent Beer Consultant all of your questions on a live Q&A.