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David J. Laky, Vice President & General Manager, Clinical Solutions, ArisGlobal


Mr. Laky oversees the Company’s eClinical business unit. The unit includes technology and services used for clinical research, including CTMS, EDC, and other key solutions included in ArisGlobal’s product portfolio.

What was your inspiration to get into the industry?

I’ve always had a passion for life sciences, especially with clinical trials and clinical trial management. These are critical processes that ensure patients are safe and provide critical insights for the pharmaceutical company.  Working in life sciences also provides a sense of purpose.  If we can assist with bringing products to market that help improve the quality of life for individuals then we are helping to make a difference.  Everyone knows someone who has been impacted by a disease or has benefited from the use of a medical device.  Knowing that we can contribute, even in the smallest way, helps drive the passion for working every day.

What is your favourite part about presenting to a live audience?

I enjoy applying what I’ve learned and hear from pharma companies and CRO’s – their business challenges specifically – and how technology can help convert those challenges into opportunities. Sharing these opportunities can help members of the audience and can help us receive valuable feedback..  There are a lot of smart and thoughtful people in this industry and to receive their feedback can be highly beneficial and important in driving our next steps forward as an organization and also helps us stay in touch with challenges that organizations face that may not be highly publicized in the marketplace.

What would you say is the biggest challenge currently being faced by CRO’s?

CRO’s are facing many challenges, but the leading challenge is simply managing the increasing workload. I talk to CRO’s large and small that are unable to realize their full market potential because their internal technology and associated processes simply can’t keep up. This translates into real revenue loss as many can’t support moving from Phase I trials to more complicated Phase II and Phase III trials – their technology simply can’t support it, and they can’t justify paying large software licensing fees upfront to support their growth plans.

What will the audience gain from attending your webinar?

The audience will gain some real-world insights from myself and members of my team as to why many CRO’s are adopting an “Agile CRO” program to better manage clinical trials and the associated workflow. We’re also really excited to have Richard Abbink, Director of Planning and Process Architecture at Julius Clinical on with us to share real-world insights as well. I should also mention that this isn’t just for the larger companies: small-to-medium sized CRO’s will also learn how they can access technology for a fraction of the cost previously available so they can level the playing field when competing against larger CRO’s.

I am excited by our program.  We know that other industry players have CRO programs and they spend a lot of time focusing on generating business from CROs.  We are looking at our CRO program from a slightly different perspective. We are looking to help CROs generate new business for themselves.  We have this wonderful modular solution that is functionally very broad and deep.  Our CTMS and CDMS solutions offer our customers a set of tools that will help their business in their core areas and, because of the modularity, will enable organizations to expand their business offerings into different areas when the opportunity presents itself.  Imagine a CRO being able to add safety case management to their core offering by simply adding the ARISg CRO module to their suite of products?

The other approach we have taken is to enable our CRO partners to sign up for only what they need and add additional users as they go.  In the past the upfront commitment would require a huge investment that precluded some organizations from implementing technology that could be used as a competitive advantage.  We want to extend those tools to everyone.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

The beach is my favorite place.  The beach is calming yet exciting at the same time.  It is great to relax by the water and hear the waves crashing against the shore and at other times being near the water seems to re-energize a person and makes you appreciate what you have.  I also associate the beach with my immediate and extended family as we tend to all like to vacation together at the end of every summer in an effort to get summer to last just a little bit longer.

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CRO’s Capitalize on Market Growth with Technology

By Mike Lemons, ArisGlobal

Technology in the handsIn an increasingly challenging and complex regulatory environment, life science and biotech companies are leveraging Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) to ensure the timely and accurate management of clinical trials for their respective products. Why?

The CRO market is poised for continued growth as new opportunities arise since the increasing costs and complexities of clinical trial management for life science companies make outsourcing more and more appealing. Additionally, many are realizing that managing clinical trials is not a core competency for many companies, the trials are becoming more global than ever before and they just don’t have the expertise to manage global clinical trials effectively.

While some larger companies manage their own trials, others simply don’t have the workforce to support trials. At the same time, technology solutions have grown in availability and simplicity which has further contributed to CRO growth. CRO’s now have access to technology that can grant them easier access and more transparency to data relating to clinical trials.

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