CRO’s Capitalize on Market Growth with Technology

By Mike Lemons, ArisGlobal

Technology in the handsIn an increasingly challenging and complex regulatory environment, life science and biotech companies are leveraging Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) to ensure the timely and accurate management of clinical trials for their respective products. Why?

The CRO market is poised for continued growth as new opportunities arise since the increasing costs and complexities of clinical trial management for life science companies make outsourcing more and more appealing. Additionally, many are realizing that managing clinical trials is not a core competency for many companies, the trials are becoming more global than ever before and they just don’t have the expertise to manage global clinical trials effectively.

While some larger companies manage their own trials, others simply don’t have the workforce to support trials. At the same time, technology solutions have grown in availability and simplicity which has further contributed to CRO growth. CRO’s now have access to technology that can grant them easier access and more transparency to data relating to clinical trials.

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