Spotlight Interview with Robert Topping, Scientist at CordenPharma

A Conversation with Robert Topping, distinguished Scientist at CordenPharma


Robert is currently a Distinguished Scientist at CordenPharma Colorado, continuing development and implementation of manufacturing processes for peptide and highly potent APIs.

  1. What do you hope the audience will learn from this webinar?

I hope the audience will take note of the need to identify, consider & understand the process changes that are often needed in order to control the manufacturing process so that it can deliver the same quality outcomes that are expected based on the smaller scale, discovery and development process knowledge.

  1. What discussions do you look forward to having with the audience?

I would like to hear feedback from the audience on issues they might have experienced and resolved. I think this webinar is an effective medium for sharing practical experience, technical knowledge and gaining insight into problems that others may not have encountered or resolved yet. Large scale peptide manufacturing can present a minefield of problems, but a gold mine of solutions.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what a molecule is doing, what influences the molecule receives, and then creating ways of controlling what that molecule does.

  1. How did you get into the industry?

After graduate school in chemistry, I felt the pharmaceutical industry, and its impact on global health care, was the most value-added career for me as a chemist. I was hired by Syntex in 1987 as part of a team to devise and develop a new, world-leading synthesis and manufacturing process what would soon become Aleve®.  That success nurtured a passion for seeing the whole process, from bench to commercializaton, and for insight into the value of critical medicines in the pharmaceutical industry.

  1. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. It is a great place to experience a wide range of nature without being lost in it.

Join Robert on a webinar entitled ‘Scale-up Considerations for Large-Scale Peptide Manufacturing‘ by CordenPharma on 20th November at 8 MST / 10 EST / 16:00 CET.

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