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CordenPharma’s live webinar on Wed November 20th, titled “Scale-up Considerations for Large-Scale Peptide Manufacturing,” will present concepts that bear differences in the outcomes of peptide synthesis that are dependent on scale. The topics discussed can significantly impact quality and processability, and are often unexpected if scale-up planning only applies mathematical scaling of a small-scale lab synthesis.

The development & implementation in CordenPharma Colorado 15 years ago of the large synthetic process for Fuzeon promoted our strategy for large scale manufacturing and, by establishing bulk raw material networks, lowered costs for building blocks such as Fmoc-amino acids and functionalized resins, while also promoting academic and industrial endeavors for the advancement of synthetic strategies and further evolution of coupling reagents with targeted purposes. Today, all of these factors contribute to making peptide therapeutics more affordable and achievable. The commercial success of large scale peptide manufacturing by a synthetic route extended the horizon that scientists and the pharma industry would look to for developing such products.

The scientific beauty and challenge of peptide synthesis, and specifically the practical, safe & economical manufacturing of peptides, is that each peptide product brings its own unique fingerprint of chemical and physical properties that make it a unique chemical “species”.

The cursory evaluation of peptide synthesis as mere arrangement of a basis set of 20 natural amino acids, implying simplicity of the synthesis, fails to note the dramatic differences that the exponentially large number of permutations of those fundamental building blocks can generate, not to mention the “non-natural” permutations that medicinal discovery & development apply to peptide products for enhanced potency and activity.

As with all things in science, the evolution of the approaches & tools that can be applied to probe and achieve an ever-widening range and diversity of peptide products not only continues, but requires constant modification to transfer peptide discoveries into peptide production. Although many peptides have high levels of specificity & potency, patient populations for these therapeutics continue to dictate the need for large scale manufacturing.

Do you wonder what “peptide” therapeutics will look like in the next 10, 20 or 50 years?  Looking back in time at the size of peptides, the approach to their production and the relative molecular simplicity, compared to now, only our imagination limits us. The evolution continues.

Join Robert on a webinar entitled ‘Scale-up Considerations for Large-Scale Peptide Manufacturing‘ by CordenPharma on 20th November at 8 MST / 10 EST / 16:00 CET.

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