Spotlight Interview with Giuseppe Lancella, Connectors Commercial Director at Smiths Interconnect

What is your role in Smiths Interconnect?

I am responsible for the product line management for the Connectors BU globally, from the conceptual stage, through to the launch on the market, to the final withdrawal.
During my career at Smiths Interconnect I have moved through various senior roles, but the Hypertac technology has always been a main part of my day-to-day job. My office is situated in Genoa where we have one of the largest manufacturing sites for the hyperboloid contact. It is here that I have spent my first three years overseeing the automation department to build the Hypertac contact in large volumes.

How will your role in Smiths interconnect help with this webinar?

As part of my role I have direct relationships with customers where we discuss in detail the reasons and requirements that have brought them to buy a connector equipped with the Hypertac contact. It is not always an obvious decision and often the price seems to be one of the low sides of this technology. The reality is that the performance of the Hypertac contact enables engineers to achieve a low cost of ownership and very often Hypertac technology allows their equipment to perform above the market average thus delivering a competitive advantage.
I was also a witness to a situation where the Hypertac contact was the only solution available to resolve technical constraints and match with the demanding specification for the life of contact and shock and vibration performance.


How does your past experience influence your decision-making in your current role?

I am confident that the audience will walk away from this webinar with a deeper understanding of how to select the most suitable connector for their respective solution.
They will have the opportunity to know more in depth the Hypertac technology and the broad range of applications where this technology is successfully used.
We will address signal and power, high density, various terminations and different size of contacts.
We will talk also about the opportunity to develop contact customized solutions with a limited initial investment to get samples in their hands.


What will the audience gain from attending this webinar?

For people familiar with the Hypertac contact, I believe this will be an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and re-confirm the rationale for their loyalty.
For people that are not familiar but curious and interested to learn, I believe this will be a unique opportunity to receive the answers to their questions and concerns.


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