Spotlight Interview with Ayse Sabuncu, Principal Consultant, European Energy Markets






What will the audience gain from attending your webinar?

In the next two decades, the decarbonisation of the transport and heating sectors is expected to happen mainly through electrification. This will in turn increase the electricity demand and will require sufficient generation resources to be available to meet the increasing demand.

In our webinar, we will provide our audience an overview of the transport and heat sectors’ policy targets, discuss how the electrification of these sectors might impact the power sector’s electricity consumption (both in terms of volume and shape), explore the interrelationship between the changing demand shape, increasing variable generation coming from renewable energy sources and flexibility technologies such as battery storage and demand side response and finally showcase the impact of this transformation on the electricity price.


How did you get into the industry and what do you most enjoy about your role?

I was an economics graduate with a couple of years of business and research experience when I saw a newspaper ad regarding the job. I did not know anything about the power industry or knew anyone working in it, but from the moment I started talking to my future manager, I was fascinated by it and knew I wanted to learn and understand more.

I have always loved working in the energy sector which has not disappointed me in terms of providing new challenges since 2001. When I started working in the sector, my first job was building the electricity market database for Europe, and maybe except for Spain, there was no wind or solar resources installed. And now look at it, Europe met around 38% of the total consumption from renewables in 2020! And this is expected to rise to 60% in 2030.

I am also very concerned about the sustainability of the resources and very glad that I can contribute to the ultimate goal by providing analysis/tools that clients can use to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their investment in renewables, battery and other types of zero-emission technologies or/and technologies abating the emissions.


What are you hoping to achieve in the future in your professional life?

I want to continue to play my part to the best of my abilities doing my job supporting the clients in their decarbonisation efforts, be a great coach and inspiration for new joiners and other team members, and while doing all that maintain a balanced work/family life.


Why did you decide to do a webinar with us?

We have been working with Business Review over the past few years to bring our award-winning solutions to the energy sector.


What would someone be surprised to know about you?

I am passionate about flamenco music and dance and have been an amateur dancer since 2012. I love nature and my house is full of specimen of shells, dried leaves, and feathers I have been collecting. They help me feel connected with nature.


Join Ayse Sabuncu live on the webinar Understanding the impact of energy demand decarbonisation on electricity markets this July 7th 2021 at 2pm London.

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