Spotlight Interview: Remy Wattiaux, Managing Director of Powder Systems Limited (PSL)

v4V2MjdWRémy Wattiaux is the Managing Director of PSL, a worldwide manufacturer of advanced process equipment. He has a master’s degree in Medicine and a master’s degree in Engineering and Project Management. Rémy has years of expertise including R&D in medicine, Project Management in Aeronautics. Over the last 6 years, he has completed various projects around the world in the fields of high potent, complex powder handling and sterile manufacturing and established new business units in France, India and Australia. Rémy has been heavily involved in 15 microsphere formulation projects from R&D feasibility studies to production scale.

1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with Business Review Webinars?

I have been heavily involved this year in numerous projects for microsphere formulation, and what struck me the most is the lack of visibility and understanding of the technologies available on the market and existing processes to create and harvest the microspheres, used as drug delivery devices in the pharmaceutical industry.
PSL believes that working with Business Review Webinars is the best way to approach the right people and share our knowledge in an effective manner. The webinar format supplies by Business Review allows drug manufacturers around the world to come together and gain key understandings for their process and freely ask questions they have difficulties to get answers to.

2. What is the most informative fact of your webinar?

There is an alternative method to the traditional sieving operation to classify, dry and recover the microspheres, while maintaining the sterility envelop. I met many Formulation or Process Development Managers facing challenges with mesh blocking, lengthy drying and most of all problematic Steam-In-Place (SIP). None of them were aware of alternative technologies, performing better, that are available at the moment.

3. What do you wish other people knew about Powder Systems?

PSL is a renowned manufacturer of high quality containment and filter dryers starting 25 years ago as one of the high potent market pioneers. Today the company offers many other product; we have specialized over the years in filtration and drying solutions and installed overall more than 1,200 units around the world. Our work in sterile filtration applications is unfortunately not always recognized. We are now innovating with small scale sterile microsphere filtration solutions, unique in the industry, and we aim to spread the word more actively in 2014!

4. Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by my Wife and daughter who keep my imagination fired up with ideas. I am also inspired by my time spent in the German Aeronautics industry and the work ethic of the Germanic people.
I also have to mention my CEO, Maurice Pitcher as a major inspiration and influence on my career. Maurice has been the driving force behind PSL for the past 24 years and we have worked closely to develop new markets, technologies and a strategy that will see PSL grow in to our next stage of development.

5. What has been your best holiday and where would you recommend visiting?

I love surfing, and combining my passion for the sport with a family holiday is not always easy but I have found two places in Morocco and Bali that can accommodate both. The local people are friendly, it is a safe place to visit with your family and both countries offer beautiful coastlines, ideal conditions for breaking waves, and lots of inland activities for the time spent out of the water.

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