Spotlight Interview: Chris Swearingen FedEx

Chris swaear With more than 20 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and International Marketing, Chris Swearingen is currently leading the SenseAware offering for FedEx. In his role, Chris oversees the US domestic and global rollout and the strategic direction of SenseAware including product development, customer experience, User-Interface design and market expansion. His career has been eclectic with a mix of entrepreneurial, corporate and agency experience working with various Fortune 100 companies as well as owning his own business.

Why did you choose to do a webinar with Business Review?

We felt BRW would be an excellent platform to present the latest innovation from FedEx – SenseAware

What key things did you want the audience to learn during the webinar?

How to benefit from enhanced visibility and insight into their supply chains¬†and near real-time information on their shipment’s environmental conditions as it travels, its location, and whether or not it has been opened.

What is your favourite book and why?

The Firm by John Grisham. This book helped me rekindle my love of reading as I often found myself reading for hours without even knowing it.

Where would you recommend visiting in the world?

I think it is too hard to just name one. I could probably name several. I think the most important thing you can do is to simply travel. The act of visiting a foreign country will expose you to all new sights, sounds, customs, foods and broaden the way you look at the world. As American it is always interesting to see how we are viewed by other cultures.

What is your favourite thing about presenting to a live audience?

I have secretly always wanted to be an actor so being in front of a live audience gives me what I think is the same rush of adrenaline that actors get when they present. Presenting to a live audience is one of my favorite things to do.

To view the webinar recording and download the presentation slides visit here


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