A Novel Tool to Meet Water Compliance and Quality Requirements in the Food and Beverage Industry

Here we propose a technology that offers a new suit of capabilities to support you in different challenges arising from meeting regulatory standards.

Discharge and Trucking Costs

Some of the areas of regulation that are proving hard to meet include the removal of pesticides, colour and hard to treat recalcitrant organics, especially at trace level. To treat regulatory compounds to levels acceptable for discharge can result in having to truck waste or absorb discharge fees. Finding means to treat waste on site and to higher standards with the right technology can help reduce cost. The Arvia ODC is very competitive to existing methods at removing trace level toxic organics on site to meet quality and regulatory standards for discharge to sewers.

Water Quality and Consistency

The need to ensure a high quality of raw materials is essential for production. This is particularly the case with water where the chemical composition of water supplied can vary in quality and purity. Water can have a major impact on the taste and flavour of products and therefore often requires further treatment. Arvia Technology’s Organic Destruction Cell (ODC) effectively removes micro-pollutants in potable water to ensure a purified and consistent standard for production. This includes the removal of pesticides, sweeteners and endocrine disruptors that are traditionally difficult and expensive to treat.

Recycling of Water

Increased water scarcity and hikes in water rates makes water reuse an attractive option to ease water dependency. Arvia Technology helps companies ease their water dependency by reducing the amount of RO reject water. The Arvia ODC works alongside Reverse Osmosis (RO) as a secondary process that is easy to fit into your current system. It can also be used to polish process water and waste water to improve water recycling rates.

Arvia Technology supports the Food and Beverage Industry by providing an environmentally friendly solution with no chemical additives or waste.

Come to our presentation ‘Optimising Water Usage in the Food and Beverage Industry’ on September 17th to find out more about this solution for improving your water cycle.


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