Post-Webinar Spotlight Interview with Terri Howard

What are the biggest challenges your industry is facing today?

The move by medical device and diagnostics companies to digital has caused a proliferation in content – marketing teams are creating more assets today than just a few years ago and the trend is expected to continue. With less than 2% of content being reused, companies are reviewing their digital supply chains to bring efficiencies and savings across the organization.

What are the biggest drivers for digital transformation?

When we quizzed our webinar audience on the biggest drivers for digital transformation in their organizations “meeting the rigorous compliance requirements for regulated content” came out on top – 60% of the audience naming it as a key driver. Organizations also place high value on processes and solutions that allow them to get their product to market faster while providing analytics and insights into the data and activity driven by those processes.

What are the key discussion points of this webinar?

This webinar explores industry challenges and solutions for efficient and cost-effective ways of managing commercial content with people and technology. Roche Diagnostics presents a case study of how it is tackling digital content management to improve speed to market. By better managing the lifecycle of digital assets, it’s possible to reduce expensive duplication of assets, maintain better control of the brand image, and stay compliant in a complex regulatory environment.

What did the audience gain from attending your webinar?

I hope participants come away with an understanding of how the industry is responding to the increase in digital content creation and how efficiencies can be gained by properly managing their content. With Shawn Heuchan providing an inside look into Roche Diagnostics’ transformation, I believe the audience took away a few actionable ideas they can bring to their own team.

How can others learn more about transforming content management?

If unable to join the live webinar, I encourage everyone to watch the recording. I would also like to continue this conversation and I’m happy to be contacted at [email protected] with any questions.

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