Post-Webinar Spotlight Interview with Robert Gaertner

What is the biggest challenge your industry is facing today?
The biggest challenge for life sciences is understanding the true pace of change. Similar to other industries, new players entering the market impact business operations of the existing companies. If you talk to any pharma executive, they will tell you they want their companies to be as agile and fast as start-ups. The challenge is that neither the internal processes nor the IT systems, in GxP industries are designed to support change and agility.

What are the key discussion points of this webinar?
The pharma industry is undergoing a transformation that has a significant impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of change management. In this webinar, we explore why change management needs to be modernized and key steps required to achieve this.

What do the audience gain from attending your webinar?
Understanding that we have a diverse audience from different professional backgrounds, we decided to focus on the post-approval change management that runs across the entire pharmaceutical value chain. I hope the audience comes away with a better understanding of the benefits that can be achieved by streamlining change management processes and how technology can play a big role in fixing the underlying issues.

What is your favourite part about presenting to a live audience?
Q&A is always my favourite part of the webinar. This is my chance to get feedback on the presentation and continue the discussion on the topics presented in greater depth by helping to uncover answers to some burning questions from the audience. I liked the question about the positioning of regulatory agencies and inspectors in regard to new ways of managing data. Their guidance will indeed be critical for accelerating or slowing down digital transformation in GxP-regulated areas.

How can others learn more about change management?
If they were unable to join the live webinar, I would encourage everyone to watch the recording. I would also like to continue this conversation and happy to be contacted on [email protected] with any questions.

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