Mark Leach, Sales Director, Business Review Webinars

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I regard myself a loyal, confident, hard-working and professional individual who has excelled during my career in international sales and product development across digital and print sectors. I’ve been working within the sales industry for over 9 years through employment at Cavendish and more presently Business Review Webinars, moving from researching leads for senior sales, sales executive to Sales Director. It’s brought me into contact with senior decision makers around the world and given me the opportunity to produce high quality, revenue-generating products. Travel has become a constant in my life whether it is travelling globally for business or holidays and something I’m hoping to continue in the future. My previous role as a Senior Buyer put me face to face with sales companies attempting to negotiate becoming contract suppliers to the NHS, this opened up my desire to work in sales.

1. What motivates you?

What motivates me? I would say my main motivation is my son, everything I do in life revolves around making a good path for him to follow. My fiancée and the future we are building together and of course, working within a high energy sales environment, seeing clients gain a return on their investment and seeing individuals developing in their own career.

2. How are you hoping to help Business Review Webinars to grow in the near future and what are your plans for the sales division in 2015?

In the short term I am looking to consolidate on what is already a good core sales team, mid-long term I would like to see the business unit grow outward into different industry sectors. The potential for Business Review Webinars is endless, with a great delivery team and a responsive database there is no end to where the division can grow to.

3. In your experience, what makes a successful sale?

In my opinion, what makes a successful sales; Industry knowledge, attention to detail, understanding the clients need, rapport (a cliché maybe but people do buy from people) and helping the client to understand the value of what you are selling.

4. What has been your favourite moment in your career?

Do I have to name one? I will give you a few: 1) Being the first person ever to break the monopoly at Cavendish Group where the same 3 people were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the yearly sales table (then staying there until leaving), 2) My very first business trip to Singapore and 3) Seeing the positive changes within the last 11 months on the webinar team. There has been challenges but, as a team, everyone is pulling in the same direction to build a successful division.

I wish everyone a happy festive period and a successful 2015.

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