December Quiz Questions


Supply Chain Quiz Question
True or False. Packaging is the biggest fraction of household waste? 

Energy Quiz Question
What percentage of the UK CO2 emissions come from the home?

Life Science Quiz Question
What 1899 discovery is credited to Bayer chemist Felix Hoffmann?


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The entry period is from 16th December 2014 to 6th January 2015. All entries must be received by midnight on 6th January 2015.

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The answer to quizzes last month are:

Supply: What year was the first commercial cardboard box made in, in England?
Answer:  1817

Energy: Japan turns which of the following into renewable energy?
Answer:  Footsteps at Tokyo train stations

Pharma: Does the temperature in winter increase your chance of getting a cold?
Answer: No. Interestingly, several studies over the last century have shown that cold temperatures will not increase your chance of getting a cold virus.


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