Jim Sinisgalli – Director of Market Development, UniSecure

Jim SinisgalliJim Sinisgalli is Director of Product Management – Brand Protection. He presently leads and guides Systech’s anti-counterfeit and authentication business to develop strategies which protect brands from counterfeit, diversion and other illicit trade.

He is responsible for developing and executing Systech’s authentication strategy working with leaders across products and services, and sales. Jim’s more than twenty-year career as a visionary leader includes half of his career spent protecting customers’ most precious assets from data to physical product.

Tell us a little about Systech International, what does the company do?

Systech is the global technology leader in product safety, and consumer and brand protection. In brief you could say that we pioneered serialization and are defining the future of authentication.

Offering revolutionary anti-counterfeiting technologies, authentication solutions, and supply chain data visibility applications, Systech makes customer’s brands more secure and the resulting data more accurate, valuable and actionable. As supply chains become more complicated and counterfeiting threats continue to grow, we will continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

How did you get into the industry?

Given Systech’s long history with vision/inspection solutions and being the first to introduce serialization, we have been on packaging lines for over 30 years.  We saw the capabilities of our solutions to take a barcode and be able to inspect it so closely we can differentiate between each and every one.  It was a natural fit to introduce this as a cutting edge anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solution.

Why did you choose to hold this webinar?

We try to collaborate and to engage with our customers wherever possible. Systech is in the middle of a very exciting time. Counterfeit products not only affect consumers but also result in huge losses for the manufacturing companies. We have experienced a great interest in UniSecure, our brand and product protection solution, and we have a lot of expertise that we can share, and solutions we believe would be useful to this community.

What are you looking forward to discussing with the audience?

It will be a great opportunity to brainstorm with the audience on leveraging their existing packaging, and the possibilities when we transform it into an anti-counterfeiting device.  Once you can identify each and every product, what can you do with that?

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Systech has worked primarily with pharmaceuticals, our brand protection solution is popular in pharma, but introduces us to such a wide variety of other industries.  It is very rewarding to work and learn in these other market spaces to solve their pressing issues.

Be sure to  join Jim and Systech International in their upcoming webinar Protecting Your Brands Against Theft and Counterfeiting in 2017 and Beyond‘ . 

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