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Ferenc TothFerenc Tóth has over 18 years’ experience in different areas including change and flow management consulting, sales, marketing outsourcing, business and management. During his career he has built up skills and experience with different market participants, such as private and governmental organisations, SMEs and multi-national companies.

He has knowledge of industrial software sales cycles and how presales activities support them, as well as the phases of the implementation project life cycle ranging from business analysis through testing to implementation.

  • How did you get into the industry and what do you enjoy most about your role?

After working in a variety of industries in different roles, I was presented with an opportunity to implement software in the plant operations environment.   My journey with ABB so far has included implementing new products and demonstrating to prospective customers.    I like being able to provide genuine solutions to real business problems.

  • “What motivates you?”

Doing something that I love, I am good at, where there is a need for it, and where I am rewarded. I like the Japanese concept of Ikigai, which is a term that embodies the idea of happiness in living. I strive to do every activity in life by ‘Ikigai mode’.

  • “What will the audience learn from attending the webinar?”

I hope that the webinar attendees will gain an appreciation of how digitalization of basic operations processes can benefit the organization at very different levels.    I also would like them to see that realising those benefits can be relatively easy, safe and inexpensive.

  • “Where is your favourite place in the world and why?”

2-3,000 feet above the ground in the pilot seat of a motor glider. I love the sensation of overwhelming freedom and peace when I glide.

Be sure to  join Ferenc & ABB Enterprise Software for their upcoming webinar “Using Mobile Operator Rounds to Achieve Excellence in Plant Operations for Chemical, Oil and Gas Companies” on 25th October 2017.

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