Diego Monterroza, Corporate R&D Manager at Procaps

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Diego holds a degree in Organic Chemistry from Universidad del Atlántico and a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Universidad Nacional in Colombia. He has more than 15 years of formulation and analytical development experience with soft gelatin capsules products, including products for the US, EP and Canadian markets.

Diego has led formulation development for liquids, semisolids, and suspensions, contained in soft gelatin capsules, including lipid formulations and self-emulsifying drug delivery systems. In his current role, Diego leads the product and analytical development of pharmaceutical products for PROCAPS S.A. covering diverse solid and liquid dosage forms, mainly, soft gelatin capsules and associated technologies.

1. Why did you decide to do a webinar with us?

The decision was the result of some criteria such as the support in the pharmaceutical community (pharmaceutical editors), the hosting services, the sort and quality of media sources, the ranking and our experience as attendants in different webinars in BRW platform. All these aspects were considered as relevant to our purpose to offer a space on sharing different technical standpoints and hold fruitful discussions on current subjects that concern the pharmaceutical industry

2. How did you get into the industry?

I have been at Procaps for about 15 years passing for different areas like QC, Tech Services, Analytical Development, Regulatory Affairs and now Product Development. Through this time I have been in contact with regulations from several countries including LATAM and highly regulated markets, working interesting and challenging formulations in softgels and advanced technologies for big pharma companies and many other customers located in more than 42 countries.

3. What do you most enjoy about your role?

The possibility of facing new challenges adapted to the specific requirements of customers and regulatory entities. I also enjoy very much leading a multidisciplinary, heterogenic team, dealing with tough requirements and strong positions that need to be agreed through experimentation and science-based decisions.

 4. What motivates you?

The changing challenges that each project represents. The need of applying specific knowledge to each project but at the same time meeting timelines and very strict commitments.

5. What has been your best holiday and where would you recommend visiting?

Best holyday was my honeymoon in Peru. I definitively recommend this country not only places are magical, but the food is incredible and most important, the hospitality of the Peruvians is amazing.

Diego will be presenting with Claudia Silva in Procaps webinar ‘Preformulation and formulation activities during development of soft gelatin capsules’ on the 30th April at 3PM London/10AM New York.

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