Collaboration between BioOutsource and Business Review Webinars on upcoming webinars in 2014

Business Review Webinars, a thought portal leader for business professionals in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, supply chain, packaging and food & beverage, today announced their collaboration with BioOutsource, to promote a series of webinars in

BioOutsource is a global provider of biotesting solutions and the leading expert in the biological analysis of Biosimilar Monoclonal Antibodies for the biopharmaceutical industry. The series of webinars will discuss Biosimilar characterisation and highlight solutions to help speed Biosimilar products to market as well as review regulatory issues and future techniques and molecules.

To request further information and to sign up for any upcoming webinars, please contact [email protected]

Business Review Webinars allows individuals throughout the world to learn and to communicate. Particularly in the past two years, webinars have rapidly gained prominence as an important component of many marketing strategies. No longer considered an afterthought, a well-crafted and successful webinar can greatly enhance a company’s reputation, sales and benefit the audience as a progressive learning tool. Business Review Webinars deliver high level thought leadership presentations on intriguing and current topics, which appeal to a live audience. Ultimately, the key to
designing a good, relevant webinar is in understanding what an audience is looking for.

“We’re looking forward to working with BioOutsource and are pleased that we have been chosen to leverage promotional aspects of webinars”- Jake Sharp, Head of Business Review, Progressive Digital Media PLC.

For more information on our upcoming webinars, please visit the following link:
About BioOutsource
BioOutsource is one of the world’s leading providers of contract testing services to the Biopharmaceutical Industry, offering a comprehensive range of testing services to support a range of products throughout development and manufacturing. BioOutsource have a created a niche in the market and have consolidated a leading position in the biological analysis of Biosimilar Monoclonal Antibodies.

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