Mind your language – Are you able to produce local language labels?

PrisymIDQuite often a label remains the wrong point of focus in the manufacturing process. A broader view is required. Although it is a vital component in the production process, the actual label is one of many – a final output that is intrinsically linked, and indeed the product of, all the other variable aspects. Label design and delivery cannot, therefore, sit in isolation. It is only one aspect in a 360° process – and to meet the highest standards of accuracy, it needs to be built upon a 360° view of all the variable data components that influence its content. In the highly regulated medical device and pharmaceutical environment, these variables can include product specifications, country and product-specific regulations, market destination, local language requirements, batch number and expiry dates. And the regulatory landscape, rather like companies’ product portfolios, is evolving all the time. Systems and processes must therefore evolve with it.

With the continual tightening of labelling regulations and audits, understanding and future proofing your global labelling processes is a challenge that should be met head on. You need to make sure you know how to:

  • Implement local language labelling, requirements and regulations
  • Streamline labelling processes on the operating floor
  • Manage on-demand labelling processes – from the manufacturing labels to integrating with existing applications. One complete solution across the business inclusive of quality control, engineering and marketing
  • Reduce the risk of errors that can lead to compliance issues
  • Simplifylabel design and approval processes of labels including variable data
  • Avoid rework due to manual errors
  • Integrate GS1 barcode standards within your labels

PRISYM ID is a leading provider of turn-key labelling solutions for organisations that require integrated in-house printing solutions with life cycle trace-ability for the medical device, life sciences and manufacturing industries. We aim to empower our clients to safeguard their reputation by ensuring compliance, and significantly reduce costs by eliminating recalls through labelling issues.

Our upcoming Business Review Webinar is designed to raise awareness of the many areas that must be considered within the medical device & pharmaceutical labelling industry, including the new FDA UDI regulatory requirements, and to bring to attention how label life cycle management solutions can centrally manage and transform companies’global labelling processes in the supply chain.

Please join us for the ‘Mind Your Language; Controlling Labelling on a Global Scale’ webinar on 23rd January 2014 3pm GMT/10am EST. Register here.

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