Supply Chain Quiz Question

Why is it a challenge for organizations to implement supply chain management software in developing countries?

a)      Software compatibility issues

b)      24/7 access to data for global employees

c)       Language and currency discrepancies

d)      All of the above


Energy Quiz Question

How much energy from a coal power plant makes it to customers as electricity?

a)      A quarter

b)      A third

c)      Half

d)      Two-thirds


Life Science Quiz Question

What does GFP stand for?

a)      Gold Filament Protein

b)      Green Fluorescent Protein

c)       General Fluorophore Potential


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The answers to last month’s quiz questions are:

Supply: Which of the following sequence is true?

Answer: Sourcing → Inbound logistics → Conversion into finished goods → Outbound logistics → Retailing

Energy: How much of the US energy use is supplied by renewable forms of energy?

Answer: 9.3%

Life Sciences: What does DAW mean?

Answer: Dispense as written


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