Alan Cracknell, Commercial Services Director – ARCA

A conversation with Alan Cracknell – Commercial Services Director at ARCA

Over 15 years experience providing solutions to the Retail Banking and Financial Services industry. Solutions that provide productivity gains and greater efficiency in the cash cycle by using cash automation technology.

In his role as the Commercial Services Director, Alan has worked on a range of cash automation implementations. Most notably, Alan worked on a project implementing the ARCA CM18b cash recycler into the branches of a British multinational bank and financial services company headquartered in London. The implementation of ARCA cash recyclers in 87 of the bank’s locations resulted in a 60 percent reduction in overtime labor and resulted in a 10 month ROI.

BRW: What do you hope the audience will learn from this webinar? 

For our audience to understand the value of ARCA’s branch transformation philosophy – branch evolution and how it can help banking institutions to respond quickly to an ever-changing landscape. Attendees will hopefully learn how to transform bank branches to create efficient, high service environments that are powered by innovation.

BRW: What discussions do you look forward to having with the audience? 

I look forward to discussing ARCA’s approach to transformation and to hearing what the audience feels are barriers to transformation and how together we could overcome them.

BRW: What do you enjoy most about your role? 

My role is very varied.  I speak with a broad cross section of clients from CEO’s to IT assistants, in Large High Street Banks, Building Societies and Foreign Banks.  This variety and constant challenge to provide viable solutions is what I enjoy most

BRW: How did you get into the industry? 

A lucky break really.  I had always been selling into the Finance Sector and then found myself working with a partner who then offered me a role in the cash automation industry, where I have now been for 11 years.

BRW: Where is your favorite place in the world and why? 

My favourite place has to be Anfield, the home of Liverpool football club.  There’s no other place like it on a European night.

Join Alan Cracknell on 14th December for a webinar entitled ‘3 Steps to Make Your Branch Transformation Easier’ at 3PM London/10AM New York.

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