Ultrasonic Technology Capabilities

Ultrasonic Technology Capabilities

NDT Global understand that guaranteeing the safe operational conditions of pipelines is paramount to integrity management programs. Intelligent inline inspection (ILI) solutions are widely used throughout the industry to guarantee such safe operations.

ILI tools record data while travelling through the entire pipeline from launcher to receiver. Ultrasonic technology (UT) is the most accurate and reliable ILI technology available today. By taking advantage of the highly accurate data offered by NDT Global, alongside the overall service offering, operators rarely need to make major concessions or adjustments to their pipelines. NDT Global uses ultrasonic waves known as mechanical vibrations to determine the structural integrity of a pipe wall. High-frequency waves propagate through a pipeline to inspect changes in wall thickness and other potential flaws.

Pipeline operators must ensure they choose the correct technology to meet the inspection needs of their assets. This webinar offers a holistic view, fully explaining the technology differences and advantages, which will enable the selection of the best solution for integrity management programs.

NDT Global’s Global Product Manager UT, Dr Thomas Hennig, and Key Account Manager, Cory Wargacki, will host a webinar to explore the most widely debated technologies when choosing the correct ILI corrosion inspection technology – Magnetic Flux Leakage and Ultrasonic Technology.

This webinar will explore common pros and cons of each technology, review the options of using legacy data for ongoing integrity management programs, and finally Dr Hennig will share an NDT Global solution overview.

Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of better data quality for Integrity management programs
  • Learn about the value for cost when choosing UT technology
  • Discover MFL technology limitations and advantages of using UT technology

Register here for Exploring The Limitations and Advantages of ILI Corrosion Inspection Technologies webinar on 26 June at 3PM London/10AM New York

To learn more about NDT Global’s Ultrasonic Technology capabilities,

At NDT Global, we are committed to continuous technological improvement, innovation and excellence. We call our unique approach Inspection Intelligence.


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