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Temenos only creates software for banking and finance institutions. This focus on our sector’s needs and approach to consistently investing in product development, irrespective of market conditions, has led to 41 of the world’s top 50 financial institutions choosing our solutions and being recognised as a market leader. We support over 2000 clients globally, and process the daily transactions of over 500 million banking customers.

Filling a gap in the market

We’ve been processing payments since 1998. We understand the importance of having the right payments solution for the new digital environment. In 2013, we decided to take our capabilities further. Following a request from ABN Amro Bank N.V, we began developing Temenos Payments Hub (TPH) on-premis. Collaborating closely, we married ABN Amro’s deep experience of using sophisticated payment engines with our own expertise of developing robust, innovative solutions. Anticipated in the design was real-time payments, plus the move towards ISO20022 payments standards, offering future proof payments services. This has allowed us to have the leading edge in new industry innovations such as PSD2 and Open Banking which not only demand the best in breed, but are reliant on it.

We’ve come a long way since the inception of our payments hub back in 2013. Our client adoption rate is doubling year on year and we are now considered the number two best-selling payments system in the world. And everything points towards us reaching number one in the coming years.



Winner: Payments Innovation of the Year

Temenos Payments Hub in the Cloud                 




#1 best selling core banking system and #2 best-selling payments system

Recognising innovation

Our vision is rooted in our drive to innovate and, in October 2017, we launched the Temenos Payment Hub (TPH) into the cloud. When delivered as a fully embedded solution into our core banking solution, T24, this is a recognised industry first.  Finally, banks and FIs can have a complete banking and payments as-a-service business model for the first time in the cloud, with all the benefits of an embedded solution[1]. We are now acknowledged as leading payments innovators, and our clients ultimately benefit.

Addressing the modern payments hub conundrum  

Whether your strategy is a full replacement or a progressive renovation approach, our cloud and on-premis, payments hubs and associated modules offer compelling strategic benefits to match your capex limitations or requirements. Available as a standalone solution or embedded, Temenos Payment Hub offers benefits, supporting:

[1] Banks and FIs can experience enhanced performance, thanks to the reduced number of calls to external core banking or other applications due to a single source information and therefore better customer service.  Embedded payments and core banking provide shortest route to product innovation across all banking channels. Embedded payments and core banking also means open API’s and initiatives like PSD2 is easier to achieve.   Consequently data aggregation and insightful analytics improve, by allowing the data to be consistent and driven inherently, offering a single version of the truth.

  • Supports progressive renovation: banks and FIs can tailor a progressive renovation approach that suits (start moving a particular type of payment to cloud eg. instant payments adoption) or use TPH cloud solution for all payment and core banking needs.
  • Scalable: Payment volumes are anticipated to grow exponentially as digital real-time payments become mainstay, therefore having a solution that scales on demand is critical for sustainable long term growth.
  • Integrates to any core: TPH can operate with any other core banking application, be they on premise or in the cloud.
  • Advanced order management: Comprehensive capabilities to enhance payment journeys on end-user channels (eg. online banking websites, mobile banking apps etc.).  Manages routing to all downstream payment processing systems based on defined rules. For example, all real-time payments can be routed to TPH for execution yet continue to route low value (e.g. ACH) payments through an existing legacy system, supporting progressive renovation.

Learn about the importance of having the right payments solution, join our webinar ‘Payments Modernisation: Creating a Truly Digital Bank (APAC Perspective)’ here or talk to us at Temenos.

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