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Dr. Thomas Hille, Pharmacist, LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems

dr-thomas-hilleDr. Thomas Hille is a pharmacist and obtained his postgraduate degrees from University of Bonn. He joined LTS in 1986. Currently he is heading a R&D lab developing TDS and oral thin films. Prior to LTS, he was with Knoll AG, Germany, heading a R & D lab developing solid dosage forms. Dr. Hille is co-inventor in more than 70 patents.

In the last two years he gave presentations in Marburg University, and Concept Heidelberg dealing with the quality by design (QbD) concept in the development of TDS and he was speaker in the A.F.E.R.A. congress and A.W.A conference presenting the pharmaceutical requirements in pressure sensitive adhesives and release liners, when used in TDS.

What was your inspiration to get into the industry?

During my education I got the opportunity to join an R & D lab of Henkel in Düsseldorf as a workshop student and was assigned to work in industrial R & D.

What is your favourite part about presenting to a live audience?

Presenting to a live audience gives you real-time feedback without any delay. This allows you to immediately understand whether or not you are doing a good job whilst presenting.

What will the audience gain from attending your webinar?

TDS are a niche within the pharmaceutical business and so is the knowledge about adhesion and pressure sensitive adhesives. The audience will gain an understanding which kind of physicochemical properties make a polymer a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Why is it important for the audience to understand the requirements for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives?

The knowledge about TDS in general and about PSAs in specific are key when developing a TDS. The understanding of polymer chemistry and hands-on experience is an important basis to fulfill those challenges.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

My favorite place in the world is the Rhine Valley from Basel up to Rotterdam and Antwerp, as this region is the back bone of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in all of its facets.

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