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Spotlight Interview: Aneta Manningtonova

We will be bringing you new monthly interviews from our team, sponsors and key industry leaders.

Our first spotlight interview is with our new Marketing Manager, Aneta Manningtonova.

Find out more about Aneta, her ideas for Business Review and where to find the best Pizza in London!




1) As our new marketing manager, could you introduce yourself?

I am happy to announce that I have recently started work as part of the Business Review Webinars team with my role focusing on marketing and communications. Having found my feet and been introduced to the team, I would like to introduce what I want to achieve in my role. I am planning to re-launch our new blog and increase activity on all of our social media channels, improve communication between BRW & our audience and re-launch our monthly newsletter. Sign up to our new and improved monthly newsletter. The purpose of my role is twofold. Firstly to improve the marketing presence of  Business Review Webinars (and support our groups) and secondly is to improve communications with our various partners, groups and of course our customers. The overall goal of these activities is to grow our business, continue to inform our customers of the value of webinars and increase live attendees. As a result we want to hear more from our customers and increase the interaction during our live webinars.

2) What motivates you?

My best motivators are my dreams in life! The reason why I am doing this is that I keep believing that after all these years of sacrifices I would come up with decisions that could contribute to my best ever success and help my team members to excel .

My motivation is to excel and be successful in my professional career and my personal life outside of work. I am a ‘stay busy’ type of person who thrives on accomplishment and forward motion. Sometimes, in life, we all blunder and those instances are learning experiences to propel forward and strive to attain our maximum potential.

3) How are you hoping to help Business Review Webinars to grow in the near future?

Webinars allow people throughout the world to learn and to communicate. Particularly in the past two years, webinars have rapidly gained prominence as an important component of many marketing plans. No longer considered an afterthought, a well-crafted and successful webinar can greatly enhance a company’s reputation, sales and benefit the audience as a progressive learning tool. I am hoping to help increase our webinar traction, boost  our live attendees and create more interesting topics. Ultimately the key is to understand what our audience is looking for. One of the reasons for this rapid growth and success is the lowered costs of both creating and attending a webinar. Without requiring the expenditure of significant amounts of time, energy, and money traveling to in-person events, webinars allow attendees and presenters to easily attend events via the internet. These savings in time and money for the presenters are significant, ranging between 60 – 90 % when compared to the cost of live location based events. Social media is a very powerful medium for meeting people and for doing business. This industry has rapidly matured in the past ten years, however, one of its biggest hurdles is the amount of time and effort required to build and maintain a loyal following. In most cases, sales that are done through or as a result of social media are one-to-one. Though effective, it’s not time efficient. Conversely, webinars utilize a one-to-many approach, making them highly effective and providing them with the ability to reach a worldwide audience through a single online presentation.

4) In your experience, what makes a successful webinar?

The single most important tip is to approach our work from the audience’s perspective. This philosophy should influence everything from initial planning, content preparation, delivery style, and follow-through after the event. That is not to say that our own goals are unimportant. We should have a clear and explicit statement of intent for our webinars. Why are you hosting it in the first place? Look beyond the surface-level delivery of information. If we hold an educational event, it is obvious we want to educate our audience. But why do we want to educate them? What are the benefits that the organiza­tion receives if the webinar is successful? Ideally we want to introduce potential customers to our services, enthuse them about our webinars, and make them receptive to our webinar topics.

5) As a pizza taster, what has been your favourite pizza you’ve eaten and where?

I highly recommend Franco Manca in Chiswick. It’s one of the best Pizzas I have tasted. The Pizza is made from slow-rising sourdough and is baked in a wood burning brick oven made on site by specialized artisans from Naples. This oven produces a heat of about 500C (930F). The slow levitation and blast- cooking process locks in the flour’s natural aroma and moisture, giving a soft and easily digestible crust. As a result, the edge is excellent!!

A big Thank You to Aneta for taking time out to answer our questions. If you’d like to reach Aneta, please contact her at [email protected]