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What Would You Call A Power Failure?

One answer of course is – A current event! (Sorry, about that. Can’t help myself)

A less funny and far more serious answer is that a power failure is a critical event on the part of an energy supplier’s mission critical network. This kind of failure, which impedes full monitoring and control,  can be prevented with the right network solution behind it.

The strategic industries, or utilities, market has undergone many changes over the last few decades. With outdated telecoms equipment, modernization of transport equipment has been more or less forced upon the industry. Coupled with the vast options available, many utilities find this transition extremely challenging.

ECI Telecom delivers innovative network solutions and advanced professional services to a wide variety of customers and segments. Utilities is one segment with which we have much experience. We address the opportunities created by network modernization, increased regulation and the opened telecoms market without forgetting our clients have legacy equipment, strict performance requirements and increasing security concerns. Since 1961, our focus has been, and will continue to be, on our customers and their special requirements.

ECI Telecom has a unique and tailored packet-optical telecommunications solution which answers today’s challenges in the utility sector. ElastiGrid utilizes ECI’s Packet optical portfolio, cyber security and management solutions. This offering is even more significant for utility company’s wishing to grow into Utelco companies

Our ElastiGrid® utilities solution offers risk free transition from TDM to packet while adhering to strict performance requirements such as reliability, availability, security performance and environmental conditions. ECI’s industry-proven solutions combined with our SDN solution set fit the utility mixed legacy and packet environment perfectly. In addition, our cyber security solution presents an all-encompassing protection suite to meet both todays (and tomorrow’s) security threats.

Many of the world’s largest utility companies have chosen ECI’s utility solution over a host of industry leading competitors.

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