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Graeme Fuller, Director CAP (Compressed Air and Process Filtration), Donaldson


Graeme Fuller joined the company in 1986. In his current position as Director CAP EMEA he is responsible for all sales and service activities regarding Compressed Air and Process Filtration in Europe, Middle East and Africa.



1. What are you looking forward to discussing with the audience?

My colleagues Stefan Loebbert und Dr. Peter Schwarz will explain the recent developments of filtration devices in the Food & Beverage industry. This industry is governed by different regulatory organizations (e. g. FDA or EC regulations), confronting manufacturers, bottlers and plant managers with strict guidelines in respect of processing, purifying and protecting their goods. We help the F & B companies work within the guidelines that are given by offering tailor-made certified filtration solutions. These need to be not only reliable and of high-quality, but also strictly cost-effective. Besides dealing with the challenge of a fast-growing product range and the demands for high service quality while driving down operating costs, the F & B manufacturers seek filtration applications that meet the current FDA or EC regulations. You could say that these three areas of requirements distinguish F & B from other industries. And this is where Donaldson comes into play enabling F & B customers to achieve the right combination of market standards, cost pressure and legal compliance.

2. Why did you choose the F & B industry?

The F & B market is developing at high speed and continually evolving. It keeps constantly re-inventing itself, trying to satisfy emerging trends in the convenience product market, for example. A tough competition, shorter product life-cycles and a growing product variety obviously breed innovation, impacting the suppliers and their mind-set for innovation and creativity as well. In combination with a fierce regulatory framework, this leads to higher benchmarks for successful processing and filtration applications. Luckily Donaldson has built a strong team of engineers and researchers that have become very adaptive and know how to respond to the changing dynamics in the market.

3. Why did you decide to do a webinar?

As a multi-national corporation, we are very much involved into webcasts and web conferences. So inviting to a webinar appears as the next logical step, allowing us to connect with everyone around the world without having them to come to a certain place. And I think that a webinar gives more personal credibility to our ideas. As it brings people together sharing the same interests but exchanging different opinions, a webinar can broaden everyone’s horizon. So it is not only the audience that hopefully will take away our key messages, but also us that can learn from their feedback and real-time comments.

4. How do you motivate your team members?

We try to recruit self-motivated people with a good qualification. We then give them the freedom and the responsibility to develop their ideas and thus to contribute to the business success. Both, freedom and responsibility, help to be a motivated team member.

5. What motivates you?

Seeing our motivated team trying to achieve and to exceed the goals – this is what motivates me.

Join Donaldson’s webinar ‘Selection Criteria for Filtration Devices in Food & Beverage‘ on the 3rd September. Register here.