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Spotlight Interview: Bob Buchanan

Bob Buchanan is the Global Marketing Manager for Canusa-CPS. He has over 30 years experience in technical service, product management and marketing of construction products, including the last 15 years with Canusa-CPS. Mr. Buchanan is active in AWWA and NACE chairing, several committees and task groups that are either updating existing standards or developing new standards toward improving pipeline construction methods. He has also presented several papers and written a number of articles about pipeline coatings.


1.       Why did you decide to do a webinar with Business Review Webinars?

Actually, I have been thinking of using webinars as a sales & marketing tool for some time and BRW provided a tailored package that was exactly what we were looking for.

2.       What are you hoping to achieve from doing the webinar?

Simply a continuation of the marketing efforts that we are currently doing along the lines of the topics that we will present.  That, along with presenting Canusa as a professional organisation that our customers want to go to for quality information.

3.       What are you looking forward to explaining to the audience?

We have a message that we are working to get out and webinars provide an alternate platform to get that message out.

4.       Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

Canada – a great place to live and work!  Aside from that, I enjoy travelling and Latin/South America has been interesting – favourite place would be Buenos Aires Argentina because it has the South America feel with an old European twist.

5.       How did you get into the energy industry?

Always worked for manufacturers of commercial construction products and ended up coming to Canusa through a colleague who I worked with at a previous company.

Thank you Bob for taking time out to answer our questions. To hear more about what Canusa-CPS can offer you and your company please sign up to their complimentary webinars on the 15th and 29th October 2013.