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Martin Schroter, Senior Manager of Business Development, Dürr Systems, Inc.

rkV1PTm4Martin Schroter holds both a master’s degree and PhD in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Clausthal in Germany, where he began his professional career in the chemical industry. For the following 15 years, he was an environmental catalyst product specialist in the power industry throughout Europe and the United States. Today Martin is developing products and business opportunities for Dürr Systems, Inc. out of Plymouth, Michigan.

1. How did you get into the industry?

I have been interested in chemistry since my introduction to the science in high school. I chose to become a chemical engineer and discovered my love for fundamental understanding. Going behind the scenes and into detail had always fascinated me. However, you need the right tools at hand to create fundamental understanding and my engineering education gave me that. I started as a process engineer for a German petrochemical company analyzing and optimizing their chemical processes. Backed by a team of experienced scientists and engineers, I took part in the design of single process units as well as a complete factory. We were led by a progressive management team with an understanding of the importance of intellectual properties, but moreover the confidence in our expertise of process fundamentals.

In the late 90’s I moved into the air pollution control business and engaged with a Danish catalyst supplier with a strong emphasis on scientific fundamentals and process understanding. From my different roles in sales, project execution and product management I learned that designing a NOx abatement solution for a utility customer requires different expertise than for a customer in a refinery. Facing customers in different industries however, also creates an understanding of the customer’s business situation as a very strong motive for investment decisions. Today, I am the Senior Manager of Business Development for Dürr Systems, Inc., a system integrator in the field of air pollution control technologies. In business development I can integrate my complete skill set, cultivated in different phases of my business career and best of all is that the company’s management is a strong supporter of my work.

2. What are you looking forward to explaining to the audience?

We understand that different players in an industry like the power sector have different motives when listening to this presentation. With this in mind, the audience can expect a basic introduction to Dürr’s catalytic hot gas filtration technology. The presentation will show how Dürr is creating added value by utilizing synergetic effects through integrating a combination of different process steps with the already existing equipment. Finally, the audience will learn that installation of the Dürr technology is creating a ROI and encourages coal fired power plant operators to invest in air pollution technology independent of emission limitation that may or may not be required.

3.  What do you most enjoy about your role?

I very much enjoy the education aspect of my role in business development. The dialog with customers from different industries is a continuous learning process for all involved and inspires a ‘thinking outside the box’ environment. Suddenly, you can discover that someone in a different industry has already gained experience in a comparable situation. The most enjoyable aspect of my role is the support from Dürr, which takes pride in the idea of our clients becoming “customer for life”.

4. What motivates you?

My greatest motivation is satisfaction, whether that is the satisfaction of an external or internal customer or partner, as well as the contentment earned after a physical workout, a nice dinner or a holiday with the family.

5. What has been your best holiday and where would you recommend visiting?

My best holidays have been on a small island off the Northern German coast where my entire family, including kids and grandparents, all stayed under one roof. We had such a great time that the family repeatedly met on the same island for 10 years in a row while the kids were small.

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Making Air Pollution Control Profitable

Removing acids from boiler flue gas allows users the opportunity to profit from the need to operate an air pollution control system.


While traditionally applied technologies are well known, such as SCR NOx reduction, the secret lies in Dürr’s low-CAPEX SCR active Catalytic Hot Gas Filter in combination with the cost-effective Furnace Sorbent Injection system engineered by ClearChem Development. Acid-free flue gas liberates steam for electricity generation while intelligent utilization of the latent heat of vaporization takes over the heating of the boiler feed water. As a major result the boiler heat rate is improved, contributing to the boiler’s efficiency as well as necessary BSER achievements of the Clean Power Plan, like CO2 reduction.

Intelligent integration of the Dürr and ClearChem technology in a side stream arrangement of existing air pollution control equipment, as shown in the above ESP example, can furthermore help to improve the overall performance by:

  • Changing operation mode of existing equipment to partial load, thereby helping to reduce consumption figures and enhance efficiencies
  • Meeting additional emission requirements by incremental addition of functionality, like SCR NOx reduction, in a side stream arrangement without putting power production at risk
  • Being upgradeable for future requirements thanks to modular design
  • Improving all over sulfur reduction while at the same time allowing for condensing operation

While CAPEX requirements for a side stream arrangement can be even further reduced, necessary footprint is optimized for the required achievement. Mrs. Wiebke Hagendorf-Schroter, VP of Dürr Clean Technology Systems, says, “We are proud to present a technology that helps our customers in a cost effective way to address greenhouse gas emission reduction for existing coal fired boilers, while for the first time offering a return on investment. This is an important step towards useful lifetime extension for our customer’s assets.”

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