Spotlight Interview with Triogen: Henning von Barsewisch, CEO and Jos van Buijtenen, Founder



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What should participants expect to get out of the webinar?

Henning von Barsewisch, CEO (HvB): ORCs are a very exciting technology that is making its way into many industrial processes where heat is released into the environment. Participants can learn about potential applications, the technology and where an ORC makes economic sense.

What is the principle of an ORC?

Jos van Buijtenen, Founder (JvB): An ORC, in full “Organic Rankine Cycle”, is a system that mostly resembles a steam power plant, but:

  • Uses an organic working fluid instead of water/steam
  • Is suitable for lower temperature heat sources, like waste or residual heat
  • Delivers better efficiency and lower CAPEX and OPEX at smaller power levels
  • What are the benefits of ORCs, which industry can use it?

JvB: ORCs can be used by any industry or plant, where at the end of the process an amount of heat inherently has to be rejected. Typical applications are behind engines (biogas, landfill, diesel, mine gas etc.) and biomass incineration in a burner. Instead of rejection to the ambient, in many cases this heat can be utilized to generate electrical power.

The main benefit is that electricity is produced without extra fuel and extra emissions while offering a financially attractive business case.

Can you describe your young company “Triogen”?

HvB: Triogen was established in 2001, to develop a unique ORC system of nominal 160 kWe.

We sold our first unit in 2006, and since then we offer the product on a commercial basis to the market.

Now, our installed base amounts to 30 units, in 10 European countries, with more than 250.000 accumulated running hours and availability levels in excess of 98%.

Henning, you joined Triogen as a CEO in late 2013, what attracted you?

HvB:I have worked in wind and solar with equipment suppliers in in the last 10 years and I am passionate about turning potential into reality while having a positive impact on the environment. I was intrigued by Triogen’s solid track record and the commercial success at a relatively early stage; it has taken wind and solar significantly longer to reach generation costs clearly below 10 Eurocents/kWh, and Triogen is already there! This opens a huge potential market, and I am excited to grow the company to capture a good share.

What do you most enjoy about presenting to a live audience and why?

HvB: I enjoy having the opportunity to share our advanced technology and the tremendous progress we have made, with potential customers and distribution partners. We want to spread the good news of our new product and get some interactive feedback through web technology.

JvB: As a former university professor, I enjoy “teaching”, whether this is in person, or through the modern media. Still, I look forward to an intensive interaction.

To attend Triogen’s upcoming webinar register here.

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