Matt Rivenbark, Director of Sales – Food & Beverage

Andreas Oy, Vice President Sector Food & Beverage

What do you hope attendees will gain at your webinar?

SSI SCHAEFER wants our audience to get an idea of how to plan for either a retrofit or a completely new fully automated cold chain distribution facility. Attendees should understand the pros and cons when switching from a manual to semi- or fully automated system and get expert advice on what pitfalls to avoid. They will also learn how to gain higher throughputs with less labor while increasing profits.

What discussions do you look forward to having with the attendees?

Of course, we are always interested in hearing about the challenges that audience face. We will discuss possible approaches and explain how similar situations have been solved by SSI SCHAEFER.

How did you get into the industry?

Andreas Oy has now been active in automated intralogistics in the Food & Beverage sector for over 29 years, including in management positions. In 2011, Andreas joined SSI SCHAEFER and has been responsible for business development and international project work as vice president market sector food & beverage since 2017. With almost 15 years in years in automation systems design, Matt Rivenbark provides technical solutions for the food and beverage industry for both automation, material handling flows, cold storage, and warehouse management software as a director of sales for food and beverage at SSI SCHAEFER.


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