Spotlight Interview with Slavica Kuvendzieva, TAV Macenodia – IT Coordinator for Macedonia, Tunisia, Georgia







Q) Hi, how are you today? 

A) Perfect as usual. Work hard, play hard. How about you?


Q) Can you please introduce yourself in case some of our readers aren’t familiar with you?

A) An IT professional with over 26 years of hands-on experience. Last 15 years in the Aviation Back in 2007 I started as a Director of the IT Department at Skopje International Airport. Now I am the coordinator of TAV Technologies for 6 Airports in 3 countries, Macedonia, Georgia and Tunisia. Airports that are part of our TAV Airports Holding and ADP Groupe,

I am running the daily operations with more than 30 systems at each Airport, at the same time taking care about constant and agile Digital Transformation of these airports, originating and implementing dozens of  projects for each Airport every year.


Q) How did you get started in the industry?

A) I can’t say that I always dreamt of working at the Airport, However the Airport employees are always saying: “Once you let the kerosene through your blood it is hard to let it go”. I came from the oil trade industry 15 years back to do a transformation and to introduce some systems and integrations for the Airport and I have never left the industry so far.


Q) What do you enjoy most about your role?

A) I enjoy the diversity and complexity of different functions that I am performing in my daily routine in order to elevate the performance of the Airports and to increase the profit for the Airports. To be excellent at what you do, you do need a happy, relaxed but disciplined team. And it brings me enormous joy when I personally do take care of the wellbeing and happiness of each and every player on my multicultural and cross functional teams.

I love this job because It is dynamic, it is agile, it requires traveling, it requires energy and persistence but it brings me the joy of  constant creation. With every new accomplished project I am witnessing the legacy that I am leaving behind.


Q) What is a problem in your industry that people don’t suspect?

A) Nobody is assuming the number of systems, software and integrations are

are engaged behind the scenes in order to provide seamless passenger journey an punctual operations.


Q) Why did you choose this topic for your webinar? Why should people tune in?

A) Achieving operational excellence has always been at the core of airport operations. To find ways to optimize passenger flow without compromising security and comfort, to deal with the rising passenger count through the existing airport infrastructure, airports are always turning to technology for answers. However, with the aviation business undergoing dramatic changes due to the COVID-19 and economic crisis, new approaches are needed to be able to deliver efficiencies while meeting the challenges of today.


Q) Do you have any advice for younger people who are just getting started on their professional journey?

A) Find your passion and make it your job.


Q) To close off – how do you relax in your free time? 

A) I love being with friends over fine dining and great conversation, fun times, that includes singing and dancing. I enjoy traveling enormously. It gives your mind and spirit another dimension, so I utilize every possible free time slot to see some new destination. I love skiing, skating and sailing.


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