What is your role in Smiths Interconnect?

SEAN: I am an RF Engineer specializing in cavity, waveguide, and printed filter technologies.

MIKE: I am the Product Line Manager for Filters and Integrated Filter Assemblies.

How will your role in Smiths interconnect help with this webinar?

SEAN: As an RF engineer who has learned from some of the best and brightest in the field, I’ve been exposed to many different topologies of filters. I’ve been lucky enough to work for people who push for better, newer, and sometimes more challenging solutions.  This has been beneficial as I’ve always prided myself on being up to date with all the latest and trailblazing technologies. I hope to pass along some of this knowledge in the webinar.

MIKE: One of my responsibilities with my role is to coordinate the strategy for the product line. The feedback on the market and voice of customer provides guidance on areas of focus with the filter technology investment. One of the webinar’s objective will be to present some of the solutions used to support requirements with these technologies.

How does your past experience influence your decision-making in your current role?

SEAN: I’ve been in the RF filter industry for about 16 years, and I’ve been able to hold multiple positions in different areas of the business. In my early years, I started working on repairs, then eventually made my way into engineering.  These early years allowed me to gain knowledge quickly on how things were made, tuned, and tested.  I’ve been able to see many different designs, technologies, and strategies over my 16 years, and it has enabled me to greatly reduce the time to market of a design from the quote stage to full-scale production.

MIKE: I have been in the RF & Microwave business for over 25 years. I have learned that technological advances can drive new market segments and market demand drives new technologies.  Partnering with leading-edge organizations is key to bring new technology to life.

What will the audience gain from attending this webinar?

SEAN: I’m confident the audience will walk away from this webinar with a deeper understanding of how to select the most suitable  filter topologies and technologies for their respective solution. Whether it is a high power filter or a filter smaller than pocket change, there is always a solution to fit the customer’s specifications.  We also intend to address current trends in the filter industry  and how Smiths Interconnect is addressing these trends.

MIKE: A broad overview of the potential solutions for RF and Microwave Filter applications, and the possible solutions available for a wide array of technologies. I will present the different types of filter designs available, comparing the advantages each topology provides to certain requirements, such as power, frequency and size for examples.

Please join Sean Adams & Mike Schweyer on a webinar entitled Understanding which RF Filter Technology works best for your next module design on Tuesday, May 25th at 11am EST / 5pm CET

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