Spotlight Interview with Miki Goetsch, Director of Regional Expansion at Inceptua

A conversation with Miki Goetsch, Director of Regional Expansion at Inceptua

Miki Goetsch is a Director at Inceptua Group, responsible for rapidly growing regions, such as Asia’s developing clinical trial market. Miki is also a board member for Inceptua’s Japan office in Kobe.

Miki has extensive experience working with Japanese, American, and European companies, particularly with consulting on how to benefit most efficiently from the opportunities of collaboration between East and West. During her time at Inceptua, Miki has been responsible for ensuring the success and setup of the Japan, China, and UK offices, as well as leading the Operations team in the Clinical Trial Services department. Her main focus is to strategically implement what is best for clients in terms of their needs from EU/US to Asia. Miki is fluent in Japanese and English.

Miki is reachable for questions and consultation on China and broader Asia expansion at [email protected]

BRW: What do you hope the audience will learn from this webinar?

China has become the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical market, which comes with enormous opportunities, but the landscape is complex. Our webinar will help the audience understand the challenges they may face when undertaking a clinical trial project in China. We will discuss how finding a reliable partner who can provide strategic consulting, support with sourcing, and ensure high-quality standards and service in the region is key to making the most out of the opportunities in China.

BRW: What discussions do you look forward to having with the audience?

Companies hoping to launch clinical trial projects in China are often daunted by risks to supply chain integrity, and the inevitable challenge of cost control in an unknown market. We look forward to addressing any specific queries audience members may have on these issues and exploring some of the solutions Inceptua can offer.

BRW: What do you enjoy most about your role?

I greatly enjoy working with our specialized team in China to explore new business opportunities. My colleague and co-host, Viktor Sandstedt, has in-depth knowledge of the local market and knows how to support domestic and international clients in finding the best solutions for operating in China. In addition, our COO, Kay-Christian Karstadt, is an expert in the Asian Pharmaceutical industry, specialising in the optimization of global clinical supply chains.

I am a Japanese native speaker, but the rest of our team in China is fluent in Mandarin, including Viktor and Kay. I really enjoy working as part of an international team who are engaged with the local culture in China and can help guide our clients through cultural and communication challenges of operating there.

BRW: How did you get into the industry?

I joined Inceptua four years ago. I’ve always had strategic roles in aligning the needs and priorities of East and West, usually between Japan and the US or EU. Since joining Inceptua, I’ve been involved in setting up the Japan, China, and UK branches and have held global roles in Administration and Operations. As we are adapting to current market trends, we now have a specialized team that can support clients wishing to expand their activity in Asia. Inceptua has a long history of doing business in China, and we have an office in Shanghai. I love that Inceptua is really answering to our clients’ needs and proving to be a flexible, strategic, and successful partner in the growing Chinese market.

BRW: Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

Tough question – I must say that there is a special place in my heart for Japan and Texas as both are my home, but I’ve always loved travelling and encountering new countries and cultures. I’ve had the great pleasure to have been to more than 50 countries and can confidently say that there is a uniqueness in nature, culture, architecture, cuisine, and people everywhere, in which that uniqueness connects us all. If I have to choose right now, I think I live in my favourite place in the world which is Berlin, Germany. I view it as a microcosm of the world, with many unique people and cultures colliding, coexisting, and collaborating, and it’s a great feeling living in a city where uniqueness is valued.

Join Miki Goetsch on the webinar entitled ‘Navigating Sourcing in China’ by Inceptua on 3PM London/10AM New York

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