Spotlight Interview with Marcus Bates, Director External Partners Connected Devices at Aptar Pharma


Marcus Bates – Director External Partners Connected Devices at Aptar Pharma


Why did you decide to do a webinar with us?

Webinars have always been a great way to provide insight to the market place and to discuss key topics with colleagues. Since COVID 19, and the lockdowns that have been seen across the world, face to face contact at trade shows has been impossible. Meaning that a webinar has become an even more valuable tool for companies to use.

What will the audience gain from attending your webinar?

The webinar will have 4 presenters, with quite diverse backgrounds. Our objective is to provide the attendees with our insights over 60 minutes, highlighting data ranging from the evolution of the market place since COVID 19, the clinical setting and how it is changing as well as insights into patient centricity and behaviour. We are excited about sharing this knowledge with the attendees.

How did you get into the industry and what do you most enjoy about your role?

In 2000, having left the University of Manchester as a language graduate, I joined a French company that is a leader in the world of Pharmaceutical metered pumps and valves. This is Aptar Pharma. I have carried out a number of different roles, however irrespective of the role you are reminded of certain key values which resonate with my personal values: The need to build trust and respect through long term partnerships/ relationships. A pharmaceutical product will be about for years. It is crucial that this is carried into the fast moving world of digital!

What are you hoping to achieve in the future in your personal and professional life?

Professionally: In my opinion the conservative nature and regulatory constrained environment in which we reside is holding back giving true benefits of technology to patients. I really hope this changes in the next 3 – 5 years.


I love all sports. As we get older team sports become harder and trying to stay fit becomes the focus. Having completed a half distance Iron Man, I wish to get fit enough to complete a full Iron Man!!

What would someone be surprised to know about you?

Most people think my lack of hair is due to age. Actually it is through me losing a bet when I was 22. So I shaved my hair off and have lived like it ever since!

Join Marcus Bates on a webinar entitled The need to scale up Digital Health in the Post-Covid world by Aptar Pharma on 5th of November at 9AM London/1.30PM Mumbai/4PM Beijing & 3.30PM London/4.30PM Paris/10.30AM New York

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