Spotlight Interview with Lindsay Davies, CEO at CellTherEx Consulting AB






What do you hope attendees will gain at your webinar?

Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs) represent a dynamic and expanding area of drug development. The intricate and diverse nature of this class of drug products represents new challenges in development, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance.

My goal is that this webinar will provide an introduction for those thinking of entering the ATMP arena. For those already invested, I hope we can discuss what we have learned, the challenges we face and the solutions we are employing to grow this market and make novel therapeutics accessible to patients.

What discussions do you look forward to having with the attendees?

The Q&A sessions regarding ATMPs are always interesting and unpredictable! I hope that the speakers will trigger a great debate on where ATMPs are heading and how we can align regulations and the development of products to upscale and increase their accessibility to patients across the globe.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy the diversity consultancy allows and the breadth of individuals that I get to meet and work with. I designed CellTherEx with the client at its heart, and I work closely with them on a personal basis and provide bespoke consultancy tailored to their needs. Such interaction means I am constantly learning and have the opportunity to discuss and experience the impact of culture, company location and size, as well as the product itself, on drug development. I feel very fortunate to have a role that allows me to support others while broadening my own horizons and perspectives.

How did you get into the industry?

I’ve worked in advanced therapeutics for the past 20 years, from tissue engineering to cell therapy. I started as a PhD candidate in Orthopaedic Biochemistry at Cardiff University in the UK. I continued there for my postdoctoral studies, fellowships and eventually obtained a lecturer position. In 2007, I was awarded the British Society of Dental Research Senior Colgate Award for the discovery of a novel stem cell source within the oral mucosa. This research led to my move to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, where I was an Associate Professor and worked in mesenchymal stromal cell therapy development. Working at the translational edge of medical research, I recognised that there are many fantastic ideas coming out of academia, but a gap in support for young, fledgling companies. I established CellTherEx in 2020 to address this need.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

During my career I have had the opportunity to visit many parts of the world, but I would say my favourite place is Israel. I was lucky enough to visit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem last year for the first time. A country steeped in history and culture; Israel was a fantastic place to visit. The contrast of the architecture and feel of the cities was striking and a stark representation of the country’s growth and evolution. The people are also extremely inviting and accommodating, and the Israeli work ethos is very attractive to me: innovative, ground-breaking and with high impact in its outputs.

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