Spotlight Interview with Gurdip Singh, CEO at Kallik Ltd






What do you hope attendees will gain at your webinar?


We are hoping the attendees find this a very informative and engaging webinar. There is a major disruption happening in the life sciences industry; buyers, patients and government agencies require greater product traceability and visibility on the product information and product packaging than before. Gartner research shows that mislabeling and inaccurate packaging continue to be leading causes of launch delays and product recalls costing life sciences companies millions of dollars in lost sales, recalls, errors and lost brand trust. We have helped life sciences companies around the world overcome these challenges through digital transformation of their artwork, labeling and packaging processes and want to share our observations, our learnings and a path to help overcome these problems


What discussions do you look forward to having with the attendees?


– Understand what are their pain points

– Share our experience and lessons learned for real life examples

– Talk through the steps to overcome these challenges 


What do you enjoy most about your role?


I am very privileged to be the CEO at Kallik and as a result there are many aspects I enjoy of my role. I guess the ones that really make a difference is seeing the results our customers get through all the work my teams and our platform does for them ; it is a real pleasure seeing how the passion of my teams and the value of our software platform enables our customers to deliver outstanding results and be successful to their customers. I am always humbled by the praise and feedback customers give to my teams


How did you get into the industry?


I have been in the technology arena since I left university and the life sciences and healthcare industry for most of my working life. I’ve always been fascinated how technology can help deliver real noticeable differences to clinicians, patients and those who serve them. At Kallik we really do recognise the work we do with Life Sciences companies by getting the labelling concise, correct and accurate has a major impact on the result delivered by clinicians or patients who consume the therapies delivered to them by our life sciences customers. We love being part of this whole journey


Where is your favourite place in the world and why?


This is a tricky question, there are many places that are amazing around the world. I truly love travelling and would find it hard to pick only one favourite ; but I guess I can’t chicken out so I’m going to say Bangkok Thailand. I went there first with work and then laterly with my wife. I have been fascinated by the pace of Bangkok, the vibrant colors, the clash of modern cultures versus the multicultural spiritual side of the place, the unbelievable royal palaces and temples! 


Join Gurdip Singh live on the webinar title 6 steps to overcome labelling challenges in the life sciences industry: How to drive efficiency & control through digital maturity by Kallik Ltd on Wednesday 15th September 2021, 4PM BST 

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