Spotlight Interview with Guillaume Blanchette, Product Line Manager – Space Optical Interconnect and Benoit Reid, Global Engineering Director – Fiber Optics and RF Components at Smiths Interconnect.

What is your role in Smiths Interconnect?

GUILLAUME: Product Line Manager Space Optical Interconnect.

BENOIT: Global Engineering Director – Fiber Optics and RF Components

How will your role in Smiths interconnect help with this webinar?

GUILLAUME: My role is to analyse the landscape of opportunities for space optical interconnect. During the webinar I will give an overview of the optical application segments, explain the challenges and benefits of using optics.

BENOIT: My role is to manage and lead the team developing optical transceiver products that are used for Space Optical Interconnect which is the subject of this webinar.

How does your past experience influence your decision-making in your current role?

GUILLAUME: I have been involved in introducing to market high-tech opto-electronic since several years.  This past experience gives me insights that help my decision making and opportunity evaluation.

What will the audience gain from attending this webinar?

GUILLAUME/BENOIT: The audience will better understand where optical transceivers and other optical technologies can be used in satellites on LEO & GEO earth orbits; what environment is found in these orbits and what requirements the optical technologies need to meet; finally, what hardware are available to meet these requirements.

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