Spotlight Interview with Dr. Paul Kippax at Malvern Panalytical





Dr. Paul Kippax – Sector Director at Malvern Panalytical

What do you hope attendees will gain at your webinar?

I hope that those who come along to our webinar will quickly gain an understanding of what the combined forces of Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences have created in Amplify Analytics, and how our partnership can support them in developing new pharmaceutical products more simply, quickly and cost-effectively. We are highly skilled in the targeted application of materials science to aid prediction of both formulation and processing success, and are excited about sharing this opportunity with our existing and potential customers.

What discussions do you look forward to having with the attendees?

I am particularly looking forward to sharing our in-depth knowledge of the relevance of materials science within the pharmaceutical industry and illustrating how Amplify Analytics enables the effective application of this knowledge to enable and accelerate our customers’ product development programs. Products and services from both Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences are already widely used within the industry, but we know that there is far more we can do to assist our customers in gaining insight from the data they generate. I am really looking forward to starting those discussions with attendees and introducing them to the possibilities we are creating.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Since joining Malvern Panalytical 23 years ago, I have always been interested in (and often amazed by) what our customers can achieve using the analytical techniques we provide. I love the fact that my job gives me the opportunity to help customers understand how to develop and manufacture life-saving and life-improving medicines more effectively and safely. I also enjoy exploring the scientific links which exist between diverse applications; for example, realizing just how much tablet formulation and cement manufacture have in common – from a particle science point of view, that is!

How did you get into the industry?

My undergraduate degree was in Chemistry. I quickly realized that I was not much of an organic chemist, although that was the most successful department for industry engagement, so I instead decided to do a PhD in Physical Chemistry. This introduced me to the requirements for designing and applying analytical instruments to understand what happens to particulate systems during formulation and processing. Following my PhD, I moved to work at Malvern Panalytical, having used their systems in my research. The rest, as they say, is history!

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

I love the Lake District in the UK – it is my spiritual home. I love its wilderness beauty and I have spent many happy hours hiking over the fell tops with my family, as I plod my way towards the goal of summiting all 214 fell tops. I’ve already conquered around 130 of them, so my target is hopefully within my reach!

Join Dr. Paul Kippax on a webinar entitled Amplify Analytics: Integrating chemistry and physicochemical analysis for rapid pharmaceutical development by Malvern Panalytical on 25th June at 3:30PM London/10:30AM New York

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