Spotlight Interview with Andreas Brülls,
Head of Product and Partner Management at ProLeiT





Andreas Brülls, Head of Product and Partner Management

What do you hope attendees will gain from your webinar?

I would like to introduce the participants to the advantages of modular automation with particular focus on MTP standard and Batch orchestration. This webinar is intended to impart knowledge on how processes can be modified by the use of MTPs, without greater engineering effort, and how the different modules of a plant can be managed by means of a superordinate instance (the Process Orchestration Layer).

What discussions are you looking forward to having with the attendees?

We are looking forward to shared interaction between plant operators as well as machine and plant manufacturers. Digitalization is resulting in increasingly dynamic market changes. With our Batch orchestration, we are reacting to this development in such a way, that it enables more flexibility in commissioning and especially in production adjustments. However, optimally adapting our solution to our customers’ wishes and requirements is only possible through constant and direct contact of all parties involved. We are therefore particularly interested in the challenges one associates with the topic of “modular automation”.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

We are proud of being able to support our customers in meeting the drastic intensification of the competition within the innovation area (challenging customer requirements, short product life cycles, a constantly increasing number of variants) with more flexible production processes and having the possibility of accompanying them on their path to digitalization.

How did you get into the industry?

In 1999 I`ve completed my studies in process engineering and subsequently joined the project team of ProLeiT AG in Herzogenaurach. After working as project manager and key account manager, I took over the ProLeiT department for product management in 2014. Within this function, my main focus is on strategic planning and management of the entire product portfolio. As Head of Partner Management since 2017, I am also responsible for acquiring new partners and maintaining, developing and optimally utilizing national and international partnerships. The key points of my work are MES, Industry 4.0 and data analysis within the process environment.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

I love exploring new cultures, traditions, ways of life, customs and of course culinary delights. For this reason, I try travelling to countries unknown to me as often as possible. However, I am particularly attached to and fond of my Franconian homeland, the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, and always enjoy coming back home.

Join Andreas Brülls on a webinar entitled Batch-Orchestrierung in der modularen Automation by ProLeiT on 22nd July at 2PM CEST/1PM BST


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