Spotlight Interview – Timothy Workman and Sara Martin, Plastics Color Corporation

TgDdc1K7Timothy Workman, Vice President Business Development/Technology

Tim has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace University in Ohio. Tim is at the forefront of the rebranding and forward strategy of PCC. He has lead the development of several innovative product lines along with unique methods of incorporating technology to engage the marketplace.

kr28XVvGSara Martin, Color Marketing and Strategic Accounts Manager

Sara has a Bachelors Degree in Art from Elon University in North Carolina. Her professional focus has been in the areas of Graphic Design and Color Theory. Sara assists PCC and her customers with color identification and development from both trending and commercial perspectives.

1.       Why did you decide to do a webinar with Business Review Webinars?

We chose Business Review Webinars because they have a very good reputation for bringing the right customers to the event.  Also, they are very good at helping to develop proper support and marketing data to generate the interest to the target audience.  Finally, they help us monitor the results of the webinar to assure the interested participants are contacted and we maximize our potential reach!!  They provide a professional process that works.

2.       What are you looking forward to explaining to the audience?

We look forward to showing the audience an inventive new application to aid in the design process.  We want to make choosing colors and designing simple, easy and (why not) fun.  We also want to demonstrate how an application like isaac® can help with speed to market which we all know is important in getting products to our consumers.

3.        What is the ideal outcome you would like from doing the webinar?

Our ideal outcome for the webinar is to reach a broader audience that would otherwise not get the chance to hear about our company and application.  We would like for designers and engineers to see what is possible when engaging color and product development using new technology.  We want to have the participants ask for the app and use it immediately and help us beta the next versions.  We hope to reach more into the creative side of packaging and work more with design and marketing departments.  We believe that isaac® will help us to breach that gap.

 4.    What has been your best holiday and where would you recommend visiting?

There is a special place in my heart for the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The Outer Banks are a series of sandbar islands that stretch the entire length of the North Carolina coast. It is a place where my husband’s and my family have vacationed from many years.  We love it so much that we even got married there in Kitty Hawk, NC.  I would recommend this area to anyone who loves sand, surf, lighthouses and the peace and quiet of nature.

 5.       What motivates you?

I have found over the years and being creative and problem solving motivates me.  I see every creative endeavor as a puzzle that seeks a solution.  Using logic and creativity together to find a solution breathes energy into me and the project.  It is the journey that is the most important component in the process.  What happens between the problem and the solution is where true creativity thrives.

To view the webinar hosted by Timothy and Sara sponsored by Plactics Color Corp register here

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